10 Minutes of This Exercise Burns More Calories than 30 Minutes of Jogging

There are many people that can’t find the motivation to start running. Some of the reasons might be excuses such as not having time; it is hard, or dreadful. On the other hand, others might have problems with injuries, pain in the joints and knees, or problems with their feet.

In fact, if you fall into one of the categories mentioned above we have solution for you. The 10 minutes exercise plan that we are going to present to you will give you the best results and will help you burn calories in very short period of time.

The 10 minutes exercise includes jump rope. Here are some of the benefits of this exercise:

  1. Great exercise for whole body

This exercise is great for your entire body because it works on your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, and back

  1. Burns calories fast

According to different studies, 10 minutes of jumping a rope is equal to an hour of jogging. This way you will burn calories faster and improve the heart health.

  1. Great for coordination

Young children find it difficult to jump a rope because it requires good body coordination. Due to this fact it is great for improving balance, reflexes, and coordination.

  1. It’s versatile

This is great exercise because you can do it wherever you want (home, gym, garden, beach).

Here are some additional tips:

– You should purchase adequate rope which is consistent of good material, handle, and adequate length. You can find it in sporting stores.

– Use shoes that have no padding, or simply try to jump barefoot

– When you exercise you should always keep the head and the body straight, and bent the knees a bit.

– Use your wrist in order to spin the rope (don’t use your arms)

– Grip the rope with your fingers rather than your palms

– Jump on your toes and make sure that your heels don’t touch the ground. There is no need to jump high

– Once you get used to it you should challenge yourself with crossover, single leg hop

Here is additional video that can give you more details on this 10 minute fat burning exercise:

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