10 Signs Indicating Your Partner No Longer Loves You, Never Tolerate #9

A successful relationship is a relationship based on noble values such as love, sharing and respect. If any of these items is missing in this equation, the relationship can easily collapse. Love in particular is the pillar of the relationship; however, over time, boredom, or due to other circumstances, it may fade and thus leads to relationship failure. Many small details and changes can clearly tell if your partner loves you more or less. Here are 10 signs you should be aware.

1 – He shows no signs of affection
If you notice that your partner ignores you and spends all his time to impress other people, then it may be time for you to move on. The best thing you can do is to focus on yourself.

2 – He is no longer thoughtful
This is an easily identifiable sign! When your partner no longer pays attention to you, he no longer listens to you and his thoughts are always elsewhere, may announce that he is no more interested in you. In this case, you need to have a conversation to find out what is the next step to take!

3 – You have no subject of conversation
If your partner is no more interested in your life, your projects or your plans and you really have no more common topics of conversation, your discussions will obviously be rarer. This clearly indicates that you have lost interest towards each other.

4 – You are always blamed for everything that happens
Whatever happens and whatever the circumstances or situation, it’s always your fault. Your partner blames you all the time and lets you know that the problem is you. That may be his way of showing that he doesn’t love you anymore, but what is certain is that this behavior can destroy you in the end. The best thing you can do is leave.

5 – He cannot stand you
A relationship can go through ups and downs, and it is precisely in the most difficult times that the partners know how much they stand to each other. However, if you get to a stage where he cannot stand you, your partner is abusing you and whatever you do he is never satisfied, in this case it is time for you to leave. You are worth much more than that!

6 – He always finds an excuse not to be at home
Does your partner spend all his time at the office (or at least that’s what he says), travel a lot or program every evening with his friends? It is very clear that this person is trying to avoid you because he probably loves you no more or may have someone else in his life.

7 – You are no longer part of his plans
For a relationship to last, the couple are supposed to communicate and share everything in life: desires, tastes, wishes and projects. Now, when your partner excludes you in his future plans, he clearly states that your relationship is to an end. Each of you must depart.

8 – He disrespects you
Respect is one of the core values of the relationship. When it is over, the couple becomes naturally doomed to failure. If your partner disrespects you, do not try to prolong the relationship. He is just not worth the trouble.

9 – He doesn’t give you explanations anymore
When your partner sees that you are no longer part of his life, he no longer feels obliged to give you explanations for what he does. You simply are not important anymore, so why to prolong the relationship even longer?

10 – He hates you and hurts you
Lies, deception and neglect, and many hurtful things that can make you and your partner suffer will grow to hate you afterwards. If your relationship reaches this stage, it is a sign that you have arrived at the point of no return. Leave your partner and focus on yourself and your own projects. You deserve it!

Source: mywaytohealthylife.com