10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan

This is a ten week plan for successfully losing weight and gaining muscle mass which can be applied to both genders, men and women. What makes this workout plan amazing is the fact that you do not have to visit any gym; you can implement it from your own living room without the need of any special equipment.

However, make sure to consume plenty of water and find an adequate time to exercise regularly each day.

In order to efficiently lose weight, you need to exercise 45 to 60 minutes daily. But, if you are a beginner, start with a 50-minute workout, and slowly step by step increase up to 200 minutes. Yet, you need to incorporate some healthy diet so that you prevent bloating and maintain your health in good shape.

The 10-Week Workout Plan


20 squats; 25seconds wall-sit;  15 seconds plank; 5 push-ups; 35 jumping jacks; 25 crunches; 15 lunges; 10 sit-ups; and 10 butt-kicks.


10 squats; 10 crunches; 10 jumping jacks; 10 push- ups; 25 lunges; 35 sit-ups; 45 seconds wall-sit; 30 seconds plank; 20 butt-kicks.


15 squats; 30 sit-ups; 30 crunches; 35seconds wall-sit; 50 jumping jacks; 25 butt-kicks; 25 lunges; 40seconds plank; and 10 push-ups.


35 squats; 20 crunches; 15 lunges; 30 seconds plank; 50 sit-ups; 60seconds wall-sit; 35 butt-kicks; 25 jumping jacks; and 20 push-ups.


25 squats; 40 sit-ups;  60seconds plank; 30 push-ups; 30 crunches; 60 lunges; 55 jumping jacks; 45 seconds wall-sits; 50 butt-kicks.

Take a break during weekend time.

Now, the weekly plan for cardio workout:

  1. thirty seconds sprint, thirty seconds jog (5x)
  2. thirty-five seconds sprint, fourty-five seconds jog (6x)
  3. fourty-five seconds sprint, sixty seconds jog (7x)
  4. fifty-seconds sprint, fourty-five seconds jog (8x)
  5. fifty-five seconds sprint, thirty seconds jog (7x)
  6. sixty-seconds sprint, fourty-fiveseconds jog (6x)
  7. sixty-five seconds sprint, sixty seconds jog (5x)
  8. seventy seconds sprint, fourty-five seconds jog (6x)
  9. seventy-five seconds sprint, thirty seconds jog (7x)
  10. eighty seconds sprint, fourty-five seconds jog (8x)