The 14 Fake Olive Oil Companies Are Revealed Now – Avoid These Brands

Olive oil is very healthy product as it offers plenty of benefits; therefore its demand on the market is very high. However, it has been recently discovered that there are many fake olive oil products; in fact it turns out that the seven biggest olive oil producers in America use cheap tricks to sell non-genuine oil. Moreover, 70% of olive oil on the American market is in some way non-genuine.

The reason for this is that producers of this oil use other oils to cheapen the process and make greater profits. These other oils are usually canola and sunflower oil.

Unfortunately, this does not only happen on our continent, also in Italy where the most genuine olive oil comes. Namely, 85 olive oil farms in Italy were closed as a result of using chlorophyll with sunflower and canola oil in the production of olive oil which was placed on the market as the genuine extra virgin olive oil.

Australia likewise experienced this same issue with the olive oil. Their olive oil showed change of taste, color, and thickness, and as a result of that the Australian officials put their olive oil brands to be tested for the certificate of approval, and the results were devastating, none of them passed the 2012 certificate of approval.

Due to all these occurrences the University of California analyzed about 124 imported brands of extra virgin olive oil, and more than 70% of them did not show positive results for genuineness of extra virgin olive oil.

Therefore, be very careful when you are buying these types of products, and this information will come very handy for you.

Brands Selling Fake Products in the World

  • Antica Badia
  • Star
  • Whole Foods
  • Colavita
  • Sasso
  • Felippo Berio
  • Safeway
  • Carapelli
  • Mezzetta
  • Pompeian
  • Mazola
  • Primadonna
  • Coricelli
  • Bertolli

Trustful Brands

  • Lucero
  • McEvoy Ranch Organic
  • Ottavio
  • Cobram Estate
  • Olea Estates
  • Bariani Olive Oil
  • California Olive Ranch
  • Corto Olive
  • Omaggio
  • Lucini
  • Kirkland Organic

Test the Quality of Olive Oil

You can do this at your own home, so if you are suspicious of the quality of olive oil you use you can perform simple test, just store it in your refrigerator for 30 minutes. If the oil hardens and solidifies, then this means that you have a quality olive oil. The hardening and solidification of olive oil means that the olive oil contains large amounts of monounsaturated fat which are the main substance of original olive oil. However, if this does not happen to your olive oil, then this is a clear indication that you are dealing with a fake olive oil.

Just to be on the save side always search on the bottle labels and recognition stamps like the following ones:

“Australian Extra Virgin Certified” and

“California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin.”

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