18 Household Items You Never Knew Had Expiration Dates

Even though you might think that some products last forever, simply it is not true. Everything has an expiration date, meaning not only foods but also household products like pillows, towels, shoes, car seats and many more. Therefore, in this article we have made a list of certain household goods that have an expiration date and that need to be replaced after certain period of time.


Towel: lasting 1 to 3 years
Most of you do not wash or dry machine the towels after having a bath or shower. Usually they are put on a hook to air dry which is so wrong because then is the ideal time for bacteria development. Even if you wash them after they have dried out it will not solve the issue as they have already fermented in their wet state.

Sponge: lasting 2 weeks & Shower Pouf: 6 months
These products can breed fungus and mold; therefore replace them with new ones after the expiration date. Natural and synthetic shower poufs need to be boiled in hot water so that any existing bacteria are efficiently killed.

Toothbrush: lasting 3 months
Most of us replace the toothbrushes once the bristles start to wear down. However, you need to buy a new one after you have had a cold or flu so that you do not get sick from in the existing germs in the toothbrush.


Pillows: lasting 2-3 years
Pillows are used every day, when sleeping they are pushed, punched or rolled until you find the best position for sleeping. So, it is normal for them very quickly to wear out or lose their form which is highly necessary if you do not want to have neck pain. Not to mention the fact that pillows are perfect home for dust mites.
Slippers: lasting up to 6 months
We use these items immediately when we come back from work as they offer us coziness and comfort. However, they are also ideal environment for spreading fungal infections. For that reason, you need to wash them as much as possible; they can be put in the washing machine or they can be washed by hand.


Perfume &, Eau de toilette: lasting 1 to3 years
Eau de toilette
stored closed are ok for four years and two years when store opened. Perfumes containing essential oils store closed can last up to three years and two years when they are store opened.

Hairbrush: lasting up to 1 year
They need to be cleaned once per week, and replaced on a yearly basis. If you possess a hairbrush with natural boar bristle, then you need to purchase a new one every 7 to 10 months.


Flour: lasting 6 to12 months
High-grade flour can be kept up to one year. First-grade flour can be stored for six months.

Spices: lasting 1 to3 years
Even though they seem ok to you, they need to be replaced as after certain period of time they lose their smell and taste. Once they are ground they should be used only for six months. Therefore, if you have a bottle of nutmeg which you do not use it, throw it away.


Child car seats: lasting 6 to10 years
The materials used for them to be built deteriorate with time, they lose their shape losing their main function, and that is to protect your child. Therefore, do not go for the secondhand version, buy a new car seat.

Pacifier: lasting 2 to 5 weeks
Pacifiers are usually made of latex which easily breaks forming cracks thus making it a fitting environment for breeding germs.


Disinfectants: lasting up to3 months
Once three months pass, they lose their effectiveness.

Fire extinguishers: lasting for 15 years
Even though they last for a long period of time, you need to check them from time to time, especially if they have cracks in the hose, then they need to be corrected as quickly as possible.
Mosquito repellents: lasting 2 years
When you plan to go camping check the date of the bug spray as if it is expired then it will be useless for you, and camping without proper bug spray may turn into horror.

Power strips: lasting 1 to2 years
Power strips are everywhere in our homes starting from the toaster, the electric kettle, the cell phone charger, the iPod charger, the laptop charger, the tablet charger, and to many more. They have their limitations, and if they go bad they can cause troubles.


Running shoes: lasting up to1 year
When your sneakers reach 250 to300 miles, then their cushioning starts to break down thus causing unnecessary stress onto your joints.
Bra: lasting 1to 2 years
They cannot last forever as they very soon lose their shape, lose its elasticity, or becoming too big or too small. As soon as they become uncomfortable you need to replace them with new ones.