20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect

Regular checkup is a must, but if you notice some of the following signs do not wait for that checkup, go and see your doctor.

Body Changes and Signs of Cancer

  1. Red, swollen, sore breasts – are a clear indication of breast cancer.
  2. Nipple changes– Nipples that are flat, inverted, or sideways changed reveal the most common sign of breast cancer.
  3. Swelling in lymph nodes, armpits, groin and neck – are an indication of cancer.
  4. Occurrence of painful and strange periods or in between period – mean that you might be dealing with uterus cancer, therefore, for sure perform a trans-vaginal ultrasound.
  5. Pelvic pain – bloating, and cramps around the pelvis my suggest ovary cancer or leukemia, resulting from the enlargement of the spleen.
  6. Back pain and lower back pain – Liver cancer patients report having back pain. Even though in some cases back pain may suggest breast cancer as the tumor presses the chest and the ribs.
  7. Change in the appearance of nails– nails having whitish colour or being too pale indicate liver cancer. On the other hand, the appearance of brown or blackish dots on the nails is a common sign of skin cancer. Additionally, nail curving can be a sign of lung cancer.
  8. Swollen face – or red face are a common signs of lung cancer patients as the lung tumors block the chest blood vessels and limit the blood flow to the face.
  9. Sore skin lump – these lumps or bleeds may suggest skin cancer or basal cell melanoma; therefore check every inch of your skin.
  10. Troubles swallowing – is an issue which may mean throat/esophageal or lung cancer.
  11. Short breath and wheezing – an indication of lung cancer.
  12. Infections and fevers – Having fevers and infections often might suggest leukemia because the infectious blood cells eliminate all shields of energy of the body.
  13. Chronic cough and chest pain – Constant cough may be an indication of different kinds of cancer like leukemia and tumors. On the other hand, lung cancer causes chest pain that spreads out to the shoulder and the arm.
  14. Abdominal fat and bloating – are frequent signs of ovary cancer.
  15. Upset stomach and abdominal pain – might be an indication of colorectal cancer.
  16. Non stoppable bruises and bleedings – may suggest leukemia because this illness is manifested by more leukemia cells than red blood cells, which in turn impedes the oxygen flow thus leading to clotting.
  17. Rectal bleeding and bloody stool – are common signs of colorectal cancer, and blood on the TP is by far the strongest reason to get checked up.
  18. Low appetite – is a common indication of ovary cancer, moreover many patients reported having less appetite than normal.
  19. Unusual weight loss – is a sign for both rectal cancer and digestive organ cancers. If the liver is being impacted, then the body`s ability to successfully remove waste material will be substantially hampered.
  20. Fatigue and weakness – are common conditions nowadays, however, if they appear suddenly without any obvious reason they may be an indication of cancer.