20 Things You Have to Know While Going Through Menopause

Menopause is causing serious discomfort and hot flushes in women when it occurs. Many people have difficulties to understand the problems that menopause is causing. Some of the symptoms are gaining weights, hair growth on the chin, etc.

In fact not all symptoms are downfall in regards to menopause, there are some positives and we are going to present to you some of them.

20 things everyone should know about menopause:

  1. Crying without reason

Due to the change of hormones in the body you might feel like crying for no reason

  1. Sleeping problems

Many women that are in menopause can face a problem with their sleep. Insomnia is very common and you might end up with no sleep after you go to bed

  1. Hair growth

You may experience hair growth on places that are strange where you never had hair before.

  1. Forgetting your name

During the period of menopause you might forget simple things, and some other things might puzzle you.

  1. Gaining weight

In most of the cases, women that undergo menopause will experience gaining weight, and you might experience increased urge for chocolate. This is due to the fact that your metabolism slows down during the process of menopause.

  1. Increased urges for chocolate

You will definitely experience urges for chocolate during the menopause

  1. You will feel like the brain has abandoned you

During menopause you might experience like the brain has abandoned you

  1. Swelling

You may experience swelling in your ankles after you enter the period of menopause

  1. Often mood swings

When you are in menopause your mood will change suddenly, so you might feel extreme happiness, and all of a sudden to experience anger and nervousness.

  1. Saying things that are not on your mind

Women in menopause become more direct and they can say things that aren’t on their mind.

  1. Breaking out like a teenage

You will experience the re-live of the pain of the teenage years

  1. Hot flushes

The hot flushes are very often during the period of menopause, so be ready because they are actually worse than you could imagine.

  1. Feel of being insane

Menopause might cause a feeling of going insane due to the change of the hormones.

  1. Screaming when someone touches you

People that might try to comfort you could result with scream in their face

  1. You couldn’t hold mean comments

You will definitely toss mean comments to everyone

  1. Constant feel for sitting in the fridge

Menopause will make you feel hot at all times, and it could also make you feel not sexy. Also you will feel hot at all times so you will wish to sit in the fridge

  1. Water retention

When you are in menopause it leads to water retention due to the change of hormones in the body

  1. Constant urge for food

You will wish to eat constantly, and it might even replace your social life. Food cravings are constant and at all times.

  1. Constant sweating

You will experience constant sweating

  1. Feel of being on the war path

You will feel constant anger and you will never let someone stand on your way.