3 Cups of This Drink Daily to Cleanse Your System and Lose Inches at Your Waist

There is no woman or man that doesn’t want to have flat stomach and slim waist. In fact, getting this is very hard especially if you don’t have enough time to exercise regularly, and consume healthy and balanced diet. The hardest thing to do is the temptations that are all around you in regards to the delicious foods.

Healthy lifestyle is the best way to get the wanted results in regards to the flat stomach and slim waist. Also it is great for your overall health. In fact, you could do something simpler that will help you reduce the inches off your waist.

We are going to present to you in this article the best detox beverage that will help you detoxify your body, burn fat fast, and lose inches off your waist.

People that are overweight and obese are facing numerous health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high level of cholesterol levels. Due to these reasons it is important that you are paying more attention to the weight. The beverage that we are going to present to you is also packed with nutrients that will help you improve your overall health as well.

Here are the benefits of the ingredients in this beverage:

  1. Cinnamon

This is very important spice that helps you reduce the cravings for sugar. Also it contains cinnamaldehyde which is boosting the metabolism of visceral adipose tissues. Also it helps you reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body, as well as reduce the glucose in the blood.

  1. Green tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C which are important for boosting the immune system. Also it protects the body from free radical damage, and acts as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. On the other hand it helps you reduce the high blood pressure, and reduce the levels of sugar in the body. It has diuretic effect that helps you detoxify the body very fast.

Green tea also contains caffeine and catechins that boost the metabolism and speeds up the process of fat burning. It provides a feeling of satiety for longer period of time and boosts the levels of energy.

  1. Bay leaves

This is powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agent that reduces the oral and urinary infections. It prevents and protects the body from flu and colds, but also improves digestion, relive joint pain, and speeds up the process of fat-burning.

Detox beverage:


  1. Cinnamon stick – 1
  2. Green tea – 1 tablespoon
  3. Bay leaves – 3
  4. Water – 3 cups (800ml)


You will need to boil the water and afterwards add all ingredients in it. Heat it for 15 minutes and afterwards strain it and transfer it in a bottle.

You should consume this beverage in the morning in order to speed up the metabolism. After you drink the first cup, you should have your breakfast and drink the second cup. The last cup you should drink before going to bed.

You need to make sure that you drink 3 cups on daily basis in order to improve the metabolism and burn fat around the waist. You will notice the first results after one week, but try to do some regular exercising during this period. Also it is recommended that you should consume healthy diet.

Pregnant women and breast-feeding women should avoid this beverage.

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