3 Day Detox Cure: Feel Completely Cleansed and Filled With Energy! Here’s the Program…

It is important to allow your body to clean from toxins from time to time. It is true that it is encumbered by toxins, waste, as well as free radicals that prevent it from functioning optimally. We propose you to discover a recipe which will allow you to detoxify your body in only 72h.

It is important to know that the role of the kidneys, liver, as well as colon is to filter the wastes contained in your blood, however, when your body is too full of these toxins, these organs can no longer be fully functional. Therefore, it is useful to give them a little help!

Why detoxifying your body?!

Eliminating toxins is a process that has been practiced for many years in all parts of the world. Moreover, it had been forgotten in recent years but fortunately for you, this practice has returned big time.

In reality, this would be necessary for the proper functioning of your body since overload of toxins influences our state of health: fatigue, irritability, weight gain, sleep disorder, digestion disorders, skin problems, lower immune system, etc.

Detoxify your body in just 72 hours

Here are the 4 steps to follow during these 3 days to eliminate toxins from your body:

Drink water

This is almost obvious! However, it is important to consume at least 4 glasses of water during the meal. This will allow you to eliminate toxins, but also salt that causes water retention.

Eat healthy

Fat, sweet or too salty foods should be banned during these 3 days. The ideal will be to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices, as well as olive oil or coconut oil.

Consume 500 Kcal per day

It will be necessary to reduce the number of calories per day in order to eliminate toxins. It will therefore be necessary to check the calories of the food you consume in order not to exceed the number of calories.


Instead of taking 3 large meals, it will be necessary to prefer the number rather than the quantity. That is to say, consuming small 6 meals a day will be ideal.