3500 Years Old Remedy From the Bible for Curing Almost Any Illness! RECIPE!

We are going to present to you one of the oldest remedy that comes from the bible. This recipe is considered to be used in ancient times as medicine. In fact, the olive tree exist since ancient times and they are used nowadays for making food and medicine.

The health benefits of this ingredient is amazing because it contains lots of medicinal properties that could be beneficial for treating different diseases such as gonorrhea, tuberculosis, pneumonia, influenza, B herpes, meningitis, etc. All of these diseases could be treated due to the oleuropein which is the main property of olive leaves.

You could also use olive leaves for treatment of infections and bacteria after surgery because it contains great antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

Here is the ancient remedy which actually is tea:

Preparing tea made of olive leaves is also great for treatment of diphtheria, urinary tract infections, stomach ulcers, encephalitis, gonorrhea, pneumonia, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, fatigue, meningitis, herpes, influenza, botulism, atherosclerosis, and malaria.

Here is how to prepare it:


  1. Boiling water – 1 cup
  2. Dried olive leaves – 15-20


You should first boil the water and put the leaves in it. Leave the mixture to cook for 10 minutes and afterwards remove it from heat. Let the mixture cool down for 15 minutes and strain it afterwards. Feel free to add lemon or honey in this mixture in order to improve the taste. This tea is great for your overall health and you should consume it few times during the week in order to obtain all the health benefits it offers.


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