4 Tbsp a Day and Cancer is Gone: A Scientist Reveals the Most Powerful Homemade Remedy

According to the Russian scientist HristoMermerski there is one amazing homemade remedy that could help you treat cancer. Professor Mermenski claim that this solution is amazing food for the body because it treats the cancer and makes it disappear.

The homemade remedy will also help you boost your immune system, clean the blood vessels, and detoxify the kidneys. Also it is great for improving the health of the heart, and prevents all kinds of cancer development.

Here is how to prepare it:


  1. Garlic cloves – 12
  2. Lemons – 15
  3. Walnuts – 14oz
  4. Sprouted grains – 14oz
  5. Organic honey – 35oz


You will need to place the sprouted grains in a big bowl, and pour some water in it. Leave this mixture overnight and in the morning rinse the grains once again, and strain them through gauze. Leave the drained sprouts in the bowl for 24 more hours.

Next you should clean the garlic and mix it with the walnuts and sprouted wheat. You will need to grind 5 lemons and put them in the mixture. With the remaining lemons make a fresh juice and put it in the mixture. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well until you get fine homogenous mixture. Put the mixture in a glass jar and leave it in the fridge for 3 days.

You should consume 1-2 tablespoons of this remedy ½ an hour before your daily meals, and before your go to bed. Make sure you are not consuming it more than three times per day. If you want to use this remedy for treatment of cancer, you should consume this solution every two hours.

According to Dr. Mermerski this remedy could treat cancer and keep the levels of energy high. Besides this fact, this remedy also contains vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive compounds, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins which are great for the health of the body.


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