5 Breathing Techniques That Will Help You Get Rid of Stress Instantly!

Modern life has become so stressful that we often forget to take proper care of our body. Stress can definitely cause numerous negative effects over our body such as heart palpitations, weakened immune system, memory loss, etc. In this article we are going to present to you 5 amazing breathing techniques that will help you reduce the stress very quickly.

Abdominal breathing

This is one of the primary things that you have to learn how to practice. Make sure that you do it properly before you move to the next breathing method.

  • Lie down on your back
  • Put your hand on the abdomen, right below the rib cage, and put the other hand on the chest
  • Take a deep breath through your nose and press down a little bit with your hand that is placed on the abdomen.
  • Breathe out through mouth while you move the hand towards the inside of the abdomen
  • Repeat this exercise 3-10 times

Technique 4-7-8 breath 

  • you should sit down
  • place one hand on your abdomen while the other hand is on your chest
  • continue breathing slowly but make sure that you take deep breath for four seconds
  • keep the breath for seven seconds
  • gradually exhale for 8 seconds

Breathing technique for increasing lung capacity 

  • you will need to put your right hand on the chest and the left hand on the stomach. Make sure that you move them while you inhale and exhale
  • inhale deeply and slowly through the lower part of the lungs, but also make sure that you maintain the right hand still on the chest. Breathe through your nose and breath out through your mouth
  • next, you should slowly breathe out through your mouth until you empty the lungs completely
  • repeat this 4-5 times

Morning breathing 

  • You should do this exercise in the morning. Bend the knees but make sure that you are still standing. Lean your torso forwards and let your arms hang
  • Breathe in and slowly return to initial position
  • Repeat this 2 times and stretch the muscles afterwards

Abnormal breathing for relaxation of the muscles 

  • You should frown your eyebrows for couple of seconds, and afterwards release them in order to allow the muscle on the face to relax
  • Continue to bend you head forwards and pressing the chin to the chest. Afterwards you should release and relax the neck muscles
  • In order to relax the arms you should spread them away, stretch, and afterwards release

Don’t forget that you should breath deep and hard each time you stretch. This way you will allow more oxygen to get into your body parts and boost their function. Also this way you will manage to remove the toxic substances that have accumulates.