These are the 5 Signs of Stroke One Should Know Before It’s Too Late!

You need to be aware of these 5 signs that suggest you are having a stroke, and if you notice any of these signs make sure that you seek immediate help.

Many people think that stroke occurs all of a sudden but in fact the body is sending several signs to warn you that it might happen. Before you experience stroke you will need to be aware of the symptoms and signs in order to react on time.

Stroke is caused by the interruption of the flow of blood in the brain which leads to death to the brain cells. It could strike people at any age, so don’t think it affects only elderly people. The Medicine.Net reports that there are more than 35 people that have been hospitalized due to stroke and these people were under 65 years old.

The main causes for stroke are high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol. Smoking is another risk factor that contribute to stroke.

Here are the main 5 signs and symptoms that you might feel before stroke occurs:

  1. Arm weakness

Before you experience stroke you will feel unexpected weakness or numbness in the body, more specifically on one side of the body. If you notice someone that might experience this weakness ask them to raise their hand and if one hand significantly lowers you should help them and seek immediate attention.

  1. Severe headache

If you are experiencing sever and unexplained headache it could be indication that you are experiencing stroke. In case you experience these symptoms and it is combined with other symptoms such as migraine you are definitely experiencing stroke attack. Don’t wait and seek immediate medical help.

  1. Confusion

According to the Stroke Association if a person becomes confused it could be a clear sign of stroke. This actually means that a person is unable to understand what other people say or do, and they could have articulated thoughts.

  1. Speech difficulty

People that experience stroke will have problems with speaking clearly, and they often have tendency to slur their own words. There are some recommendations that you could use in order to ensure that the person is experiencing stroke. You should ask the person to repeat what they are saying and if you are sure they are slurring their words you should seek immediate medical help for that person.

  1. Balance issue

People that are about to experience stroke will experience unexplained problems with their balance and coordination. For instance, you could ask them to touch their finger to their nose or walk in straight line in order to ensure they are having this symptom.