6 Easy Exercises That Fight Bloating, Improve Digestion and Cut Belly Fat!

Holidays mean gathering with your family and your loved ones which are usually accompanied with plenty of food. In those periods of the year we eat a lot which usually results in extra weight pounds and bloating. Nonetheless, luckily there are exercises which can help with these issues and by practicing them you will improve the digestion, treat the bloating and lose those pounds that you have gained.

Six Exercises against Bloating

You can quickly stop the bloating by performing the following 6 simple exercises:

  1. The chair exercise

For the chair exercise you will need only 1 minute. In this exercise you need to mimic a seating position placing your hands above the head. Stand firmly with your hips widely extended and with your toes pushed forward. The chest area must stay as far as possible while your shoulders must be pinned back.

  1. Spinal twists in a seated position

For performing this exercise, take a mat and place it on the ground. Now, sit down and keep your trunk at a 90-degree angle but with your legs widely extended. Then, bend the knee and bring it up, twisting it towards the hip. And now with the other elbow take leverage against it in order to reach back as far as possible till you start feeling pain. Do this with your other side.

  1. Knees to chest

This exercise is done in a lying position with your legs and arms extended. Once you take this position raise your knees towards the chest meanwhile breathe and then clasp your hands around them. Keep the forearms over the shins and support your body weight on your elbows. Your back should remain on the ground, meanwhile pulling the tailbone towards the ground. This exercise will take only 1 minute of your time.

  1. The bridge

The bridge exercise is done by lying with your back on the ground. Then bend your knees and hold the hips widely apart. Next, transfer your weight to the heels so that you elevate the hips, and then ensure that your hands are clasped beneath making enough pressure to the floor in order for you to stand up. Go as high as you can and keep that position for at least a minute.

  1. Lift your legs up the wall

First, take a lying position with your butt opposing the wall. Then, extend your legs on the wall’s length as high as possible while holding your palms firmly on the ground. While performing this exercise make sure to breathe properly. For this exercise you will need only 1 minute.

  1. Lunge Variations

Place your feet and hands firmly at side and after that with your right leg make the largest possible step backwards. Next, flex the other knee while clasping hands behind the back with your chest fully opened. Finally, let go your hands slowly so that you can return to the starting position. Repeat the same procedure with your other leg.