7 Everyday Activities That Damage Your Back

The lower back pain is believed to be the single leading cause of disability all around the world. In USA, the American Chiropractic Association maintains that approximately 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain at some time in their life. People suffering from this condition cannot easily determine the root of this issue. According to many researches many daily activities can put you at risk for back problems, pain and injury. Therefore, if you are dealing with this issue, a simple lifestyle change may help you to solve this condition.

Seven Daily Activities that Harm your Back + Tips how to Prevent Back Pain

  1. Lifting Heavy Objects

Incorrectly lifting of heavy objects can trigger back issues, even if it lasts only for a moment. Improper bending at your back can strain your back muscles and cause back pain.

Tip: If you are about to lift heavy objects, you need first to squat and then pick up the object. If you bend at the waist you can trigger injury thus causing back pain.

  1. Carrying Heavy Bags

Having to carry all the time a heavy briefcase, backpack and even a purse can incite back issues. This constant heaviness puts pressure on your shoulders, arms and back hence leading to body imbalance.

Tip: If you need to carry a heavy bag, then carry it over both of your shoulders like a backpack. If you own a bag with one strap, then carry it over your shoulder with good posture to reduce the chances of straining your back.

  1. Improper posture

You always have to have a proper posture if you want to avoid the occurrence of back pain. No matter if you are watching TV, sitting at desk or just texting, you need to take good posture as the hunching position puts pressure on the back of the spine thereby easily triggering back pain.

Tip: Make sure to sit up straight in order to keep your spine from bending. Avoid long periods of hunching and in order to achieve this regularly check if you are having good posture.

  1. Prolonged Sitting

If you have a sedentary job which involves long sitting hours, then it will be difficult for you to perform your exercises regularly. Therefore, prolonged sitting can cause back pain and elevate the risk of injury.

Tip: You can do simple stretching exercises at your desk and try to get up from your chair every once in a while just to walk around the office and stretch your legs.

  1. Improper Stretching

Stretching is good for your body and back, but if it is performed incorrectly you may risk back injury. This also applies for improper yoga performance or other forms of stretching.

Tip: We are not saying not to do yoga, but we are suggesting learning yoga positions by a trained instructor especially if this is your first time of doing it.

  1. Driving On Uneven Roads

It sounds strange, but this way of driving can put pressure on your back particularly if you have to drive for long periods of time. The bumps on the roads can significantly impact your spine.

Tip: On these long driving trips take frequent breaks to ease the pressure on your back. Also before driving make sure to properly adjust your seat.

  1. Sleeping On Very Soft Mattresses

For many people soft mattress may seem a nice and comfortable way of sleeping, but it may not offer proper support for your back. This type of mattress can cause a slight shift in the shape of the spine, which stresses the ligaments, joints, and muscles.

Tip: The best mattress for your spine would be not too soft and not too firm.

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