7 Facts About Coffee That Will Make You Want to Grab Yourself a Cup

Recently many studies indicate that coffee might not be the healthiest beverage, but historically it showed to be very beneficial. Namely, Beethoven used 60 coffee beans for the preparation of his daily elixir, and Voltaire drank over 50 cups a day and died at the age of 83. So, these facts say that coffee cannot be that harmful as stated nowadays.

7 Top Reasons for Coffee Consumption

The consumption of coffee will bring your body great benefits and not to mention the fact how tasteful it can be. In the end of the article, see the ice-coffee recipe that we have prepared for you, which will offer you great relish and as well as spice your summer days.

Here they are:

  1. Coffee boosts immunity

Numerous experts from abroad maintain that coffee can decrease the chances of premature death. They state that coffee stimulates the function of the immune system and as well as enhances the body endurance and health. Coffee has the ability to protect the health of the heart, liver, and digestive system. However, when you are making your own coffee always use freshly ground coffee and avoid the use of instant coffees which offer fewer nutrients and can cause damage to the digestive tract.

  1. Coffee treats headaches

Coffee is high in caffeine and because of that can treat both headaches and migraines. It cannot offer full painkillers’ effect, but gives a mild relief without the negative side effects of the used drugs for this issue.

  1. Coffee stimulates the performance of the brain

If you have problems with concentration, alertness and attention, then you can rely on the coffee to do the job. Combine the coffee you drink with a little sugar, which will provide your body with the energy to function faster and more accurate. Yet, we recommend consuming coffee after you have had your breakfast in order to prevent any side-effects.

  1. Coffee increases the blood pressure

Just a few coffee sips will solve the hypotension, but if you suffer from tachycardia, then you are not supposed to drink coffee. However, for people who have low blood pressure drinking coffee will efficiently elevate their blood pressure thus fixing their condition.

  1. Coffee lowers stress and depression

Coffee acts as a natural anti-stress agent and incites the release of dopamine and serotonin, which are the main components for a good mood. It is so powerful that even its aroma can be utilized as a mind and nerve relaxant, and the actual drinking will increase the satisfaction.

The caffeine contained in the coffee influences the brain favorably and at the same time decreases the depressive notions. What is more interesting is the fact that the caffeine found in coffee can act in that way, which is not the case with the caffeine found in other products like soda, tea or chocolate, which cannot influence the CNS as effectively as the one present in coffee.

  1. Coffee enhances the memory

Coffee is abundant with neuromediators and stimulators which can boost the mood but as well as enhance the memory. Therefore, this beverage makes it highly beneficial for people suffering from short-term memory loss.

  1. Coffee promotes weight loss

If the level of your leptin hormone is low, then the body will start to store fats for “rainy days” thereby making you gain more weight. In this case, the coffee elevates the leptin levels in the body thereby triggering fast weight loss. This process can be highly stimulated by the consumption of a cup or two of coffee.

Additional Tip

Make your own favorite coffee, and then leave it aside to cool down. Then fill it in an ice cube tray, and store it in the freezer. In this way you have always ready coffee cubes which can be a great daily addition to your milk.