7 Powerful Herbs to Eat Before Bed That Burn Fat While You Sleep

Losing weight is a very hard process as no matter how hard we try sometimes it is not successful. There are many products on the market and also on the net which offer fast weight loss with their miraculous products saying that it will quickly and efficiently solve your long time problem. Unfortunately, most of them have harmful substances that can affect your blood pressure and your heart rate. We have to be realistic that there aren’t such magical products that can make you skinny overnight. We all desire this and because of that many producers try to fulfill our wish, which is not possible. However, Mother Nature always gives us the best solution for our health concerns and overall well-being.

By implementing natural ingredients in your daily lifestyle you can manage to enhance your metabolism and as well as the weight loss process.

This is a true fact because if you boost your metabolism this will help your body to gradually but surely start the fat burning process. Day after day, week after week and the results will become visible.

Nature has offered us seven effective fat burners which we may refer them as the

Magnificent 7 Metabolic Enhancers

They are called magnificent because each one of them unblocks and strengthens one or more of those 3 critical steps needed for the fat loss process.

The 1st Metabolic Enhancer

 The Fat Unlocker

Coleus forskohlii, or otherwise called forskolin, is a traditional herb which efficiently stimulates enzymes that break up stubborn fat locked in the fat cells.

Likewise, it supports the thyroid function which is very crucial as it aids in transporting fat to the cellular fat burning furnaces which will be ready for fat burning when fat gets there.

Quite a large number of studies have proved its efficiency; as a matter of fact it was cited in over 5,000 clinical studies. According to one study the body fat was decreased by 11% and in addition to this added 6% leaner, toned muscle.

2nd Metabolic Enhancer

 The Fat Storage Stopper

Chromium picolinate is some kind of mineral chromium which can assist in better use of the natural insulin meaning that you will need less of it.

This is of great importance as insulin is number one fat storage hormone which tells the body to store more fat and to stop burning it. Because of that, the less you have need of it, the better for you.

Studies have already revealed that chromium picolinate can reduce the amount of insulin the body produces by one-third. If you do not keep at bay this fat storing hormone then it will be very difficult to lose fat.

3rd Metabolic Enhancer

The Cravings Killer

Rhodiola rosea can be found in Siberia’s mountains, it has an extraordinary capability to manage the stress-hormone cortisol, in charge for the existence of the stubborn fat.

Cortisol is responsible for the cravings, and it triggers fat gain, particularly around your stomach and other trouble spots.

So, this hormone incites the eating habits when you are stressed or anxious. According to a conducted study regarding the fat burning potency of rhodiola showed double fat loss when compared to the other control group.

4thMetabolic Enhancer

 The Hunger Halter

The hormone leptin is in charge of transporting the information of fullness to the brain meaning that you had enough food. However, in some cases this message is not well conveyed, and because of that you cannot stop eating.

Luckily, irvingia gabonensis, which is an extract from the seeds of an African fruit, can enhance the responsiveness to this hormone, and because of that you will feel fuller sooner.

A performed study confirmed that it can trigger an average weight loss of 12.3 pounds in just 30 days. Likewise, it promotes healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

5thMetabolic Enhancer

 The Metabolism Stoker

Green tea extract has become widely popular for its miraculous properties, and it is for a good reason. It is really an amazing herb that has the ability to enhance already slow metabolism.

It can magnificently set off the fat burning process, and you will burn fat as a child. Likewise, it can raise the resting metabolic rate; therefore you will burn fat even while sleeping.

In a study performed by a team of researchers, it was revealed that the involved participants lost 10% of their body fat in just 12 weeks which is nearly 3 times more than the control group.

6thMetabolic Enhancer

The Blood Sugar Supporter

Cinnamon is a remarkable spice that can mimic the effects of insulin. Therefore, you will need less of the hormone which will impede the process of fat storage.

This actually promotes healthy blood sugar levels and hinders the fat-making and fat-storing process thus initiating the weight loss process.

According to a 2003 study, a single gram of cinnamon daily could help in keeping healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

7thMetabolic Enhancer

 The Sugar Neutralizer

Green coffee bean extract can help in the reduction of the amount of sugar we absorb from the food we consume. So, if the body absorbs less sugar then there will be less insulin, and above less fat making.

Researchers have made several studies regarding this matter, and after analyzing multiple studies, they revealed that, on average, those participants who took green coffee bean extract lost 174% more weight than the ones who took placebo.

You will start to wonder what will happen when someone combines these 7 metabolism enhancers. For sure, we can state that the results will be fantastic.