7 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is so delicious and addictive that we all want to consume it as much as possible. However, we all know that excess use of sugar can be very harmful for our bodies. Luckily, the body gives us signs when we overdo with sugar consumption.

7 Signs of Too Much Sugar

1. Sugar/Carb Cravings

If you have the urge to consume sugary snacks regularly every day then for surely you are becoming a sugar addict.

Regular sugar consumption creates a chain reaction of sugar cravings which is very difficult to resist. Yet, you have to have strong character and say stop to this addictiveness as it will bring no good to your health.

2. Fatigue, Tiredness & lacking energy

If you experience a constant feeling of tiredness or fatigue then this is a sure sign that you intake too much sugar into your body.

Even though foods with plenty sugar in them will offer you an instant energy and a big carbohydrate boost it won’t last for long, and the effects afterwards are devastating. So, if you feel tired all the time you need to reexamine your food or drink intake of sugar.

3. Experiencing fogginess especially after consumed meal

It is actually a sign of low blood sugar. When you tend to consume a lot of sugar, then your blood sugar levels will quickly rise and drop, which is not a normal eventually causing fogginess.

4. Frequent colds & flu

If you quite often get sick then this would mean that you are eating too much sugar. If every virus catches you and make you sick then it could be a result of treating yourself with too many sugary snacks.

High sugar intake may weaken your immune system thereby weakening body’s ability to naturally battle against flu, viruses, colds, and above all chronic diseases. This can be stopped if you avoid consuming foods or drinking beverages with excessive amounts of sugar in it.

5. The sweet taste buds have gone high

If everything starts to feel not as sweet as it used to be then for sure you have become an extreme sugar addict as the taste buds will need a bunch of sugar to feel the necessary sweetness. It will be very difficult to restore the body’s basic need for sugar. You need to cut back on sugar which initially will cause you sufferings, but when you endure this period then your sugar tolerance will be lowered and you will be satisfied with low quantities of sugar. You may come to a level where you will feel like everything is too sweet for you.

6. Gaining Weight

Consumption of excess sugar means excess calories, and the sugar does not contain any protein and fiber so you will not satiate your hunger, but you will want more of it which eventually will result in weight gain.

Likewise, it will trigger insulin release, a crucial hormone in weight gain. When we consume sugar, the pancreas releases insulin, which carries sugar to our organs to be turned into energy. So, when you eat too much sugar, then your body produces excess insulin and in time it will lead to insulin resistance. Due to insulin resistance our body cannot properly respond to normal amounts of insulin and because of that it cannot use sugar the right way. There is a strong connection between insulin resistance and obesity which will lead to excess weight. Moreover, the pancreas will be overwhelmed with work which eventually can lead to developing diabetes.

7. Skin and feet issues like dark circles under your eyes

Consumed sugar brings an inflammatory effect on the body, therefore it can as well as contribute to inflammatory skin concerns.

If you struggle with eczema, acne, rosacea, or with excessive skin oiliness or dryness, sugar might be the main cause for them. People who have cut back on sugar in their diets have reported improved skin, and not to mention improved overall body health.

The renowned podiatrist Dr. Sherri Greene from New York City states that sugar can as well as have an inflammatory effect on the feet. The inflammation may occur in the foot as plantar fasciitis, which will cause pain in the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot, in the heel, or anywhere in the foot.