9 Types of Pain That Are Connected to Stress and Emotions

According to Western medicine there is no connection of emotions and body, or mind and spirit. In fact there is a link between the physical and psychological which shouldn’t be ignored. You will need to pay attention to these symptoms:

  1. Headache

Headaches are result of excessive stress, and in order to relieve it you should relax yourself more often.

  1. Neck pain

If you have neck pain it will definitely ruin your daily activities and might make your life harder. In case you experience this pain you should consider the things that you like in other people.

  1. Shoulders pain

Shoulders pain is a sign of severe emotional problems, and it requires sharing it with some people in order to relieve it.

  1. Upper back pain

In case of lack of emotional support you might experience pain in the upper back. Sometimes it might give you a feeling of being unloved, so in case you are single try to find someone.

  1. Lower back pain

In case of too much worries about money you might experience lower back pain

  1. Elbows pain

This pain in order to be relieved it requires some alterations in life. You should sit down and think about the changes you need to do.

  1. Painful hands

This is a sign that you aren’t reaching out to other people, and in order to relieve it try to make more friends.

  1. Pain in the hips

This is a sign that you are afraid of moving away and often you end up with careful thinking for making a change.

  1. Knees pain

Pain in the knees is a result of high ego and it requires lowering it.