9 Types of Pain That are Directly Linked to Emotional States

The overall health very much depends on the connection between the body and the emotions, which is very much neglected by the western medicine. The relation between the psychological and physical is very strong, and therefore more attention has to be paid to this true fact. Therefore, we shall specify certain physical pains which are very much linked to the psychological aspect of life:

  1. Head Pain – is usually manifested by headaches which in most cases are caused by everyday stress. Therefore, try to relax so that you can reduce the daily stress.
  2. Neck Pain – in this case, you may consider forgiveness a difficult task, so try to see only the good things you enjoy in people.
  3. Upper back Pain – this is a sign of lack of emotional support in your life. You may consider yourself unloved or undesirable, but you shouldn’t be discouraged, go out and date.
  4. Lower back Pain – if you experience this type of pain then this means that you have worries regarding your finances. Perhaps it is a time to ask for a raise or implement some financial plan.
  5. Shoulders Pain – this kind of pain is an indication of serious emotional problem. You need to concentrate on solving the problem and share some of the burden with the people you love.
  6. Pain in the elbows – this is a sign that you have to make some changes in your life as stiff arms mean stiff life. You have to make compromises and initiate some changes.
  7. Pain in the hands – this may indicate that you are a secluded person, because of that you need to reach out to other people like make new friends or just simply go out for a lunch with your co-workers.
  8. Pain in the hips – this means that you are extremely careful and cautious person when making new decisions into your life.
  9. Knees Pain – this kind of pain suggest that you are a person with big ego meaning that you have extremely high opinion of yourself. Do not forget that you are human just as the rest of the people around you.