Amazing Remedy to Repair Your Kidneys Naturally – You’ll Be Surprised By the Result!

Our body is consistent of liquefied enzymes and hormonal agents that produce the endocrine system.

The kidneys and the pancreas in our body produce sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in order to support the process of dissolving food that has been ingested.

The pancreas is actually producing most of the sodium bicarbonate which actually protects the kidneys from any damage. If you are consuming food that stresses out these 2 organs it can lead to overwork of them and producing less sodium bicarbonate.

People that have kidney diseases usually have lower level of sodium bicarbonate levels, and this medical condition is known as metabolic acidosis. Once your body lacks sodium bicarbonate it will lead to serious problems to the kidneys as well as other organs.

The Royal Health Center in London found that sodium bicarbonate actually lowers the progress of kidney disease. This is what they say:
“A simple treatment like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), when used properly, can be extremely effective.”– states Magdi Yaqoob, teacher of nephrology and scholastic director of department of Renal Medication and Transplantation at the Bartshealth NHS Trust, UK.

Here is how to repair the kidneys

You will need to dissolve baking soda under the tongue. Do this on the first day.

For the next 3 days you will need to mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of sea salt. Pour this mixture in 6 cups of water and consume it on daily basis. After these days you need to reduce the dose to ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and 1/3 teaspoon of salt.

You should know that consumption of sodium bicarbonate on daily basis is not for everybody. People with sensitive stomach can experience nausea and might have difficulties ingesting it.

In fact this is not harmful at all but you will need to make sure to overcome the preliminary start of nausea and continue consuming it on daily basis. It is important to do so in case you have problems with your kidneys and if you want to degenerate the endocrine system.

This is what you need to keep in mind:

The method that we have presented still needs to go through some thorough tests in order to complete the picture of all advantages that daily sodium bicarbonate can offer.

People that are willing to repair the damage that has been caused by the unhealthy lifestyle can try the baking soda that most probably they have it at their home.

Make sure that you are avoiding foods that dehydrate the body such as salt, tea, foods and beverages that contain sugar, coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol.

You should also avoid consuming more protein than the advised amounts because it can cause strains on the kidneys which might lead to serious damage.

Also try to increase the consumption of foods that contain B vitamin because they are important for the process of removing proteins in the body. Try to consume fruits, grains, and vegetables on regular daily basis.