Apple Seeds and Cancer Treatment: Here’s What the Government Has Been Hiding From You for Years!

There is a great misbelief of the intensity how dangerous consuming bitter almonds, apricot seeds, cherry pits or apple seeds can be. It is true that they contain cyanide which is the main cause for disturbing reactions and panic among many people.

Many people believe that cyanide is extremely dangerous based on many rumors circling all around us. Even if you search on the net you will find few short articles listing foods that contain cyanide stating that it is dangerous. Some people state that the human body has the ability to detox the cyanide containing compounds quickly. However, other people state that when the body metabolizes these compounds releases free cyanide. But, most of the people claim that you need large quantities of bitter almonds, seeds, or pits to poison a person.

Yet, not being informed regarding this matter is a shame as there is no need of panic or fear from bitter almonds and fruit seeds. The fact that it is extremely dangerous it is only hearsay and in majority cases it is based on little or none information. As a matter of fact, amygdalin is the compound which contains cyanide.

What is Amygdalin?

Amygdalin is contained in the apricot seed kernels which are widely used by cancer patients because of their ability to efficiently fight against cancer. There isn’t one single case registered that they died of cyanide poisoning, actually they only gained from their consumption. Moreover, there aren’t any adverse effects of their use, and cancer patients consume dozens every day for months.

Amygdalin is consisted of molecules, benzaldyhide, cyanide, and 2 glucose molecules. The benzaldyhide and cyanide are the dangerous ones, yet they have some metabolic activities which are uncommon. They are released only byand into cancerous cells. If the body does not have any cancerous cells, then these two substances remain in the amygdalin compound. It is a common fact that cancerous cells feed on glucose for energy and not on oxygen, and because of that they attract the amygdalin solely because of the glucose. Thanks to which, the cancer cells are being attacked when the cyanide and benzaldyhide are released. Cancerous cells contain a substance known as beta-glucosidase, which is not present in healthy cells. Amygdalin is being unlocked by the beta-glucosidase enzyme, thereby releasing the dangerous toxins into the cancerous cells. Only the cancerous cells metabolize amygdalin which is not the case with the normal cells.

Another enzyme present in cancerous cells is rhodanese which binds the free cyanide particles to sulfur molecules, thereby developing cyanates that are not dangerous and easily removed through urine.

However, this incredible complete function of amygdalin is concealed because B17 or laetrile, which is a concentrated extract from amydgalins of apricot, has the ability to cure cancer.

Concealing a Safe Cure for Cancer

The renowned Dr. Ernst Krebb developed B17 or laetrile in 1952, San Francisco. He managed to purify and liquefy amygdalin from apricot seeds so that it can inject it into patients. He even injected himself with this shot to prove that is safe and secure for treating patients.

Another established Dr. John Richardson revealed its effectiveness by curing patients with laetrile. Nonetheless, this amazing substance was banned in 1971. Regarding this issue, Dr. Richardson called G. Edward Griffin, an investigative journalist, to release the benefits of B17 publically. The reporter discovered that The Sloane-Kettering Institute conducted false trials about B17. In total disgust, Dr. Ralph Moss, the spokesperson of Sloane-Kettering, decided not to lie and left the institute.

The reporter Griffin wrote a book called A World Without Cancer where you can find all details about the use of amygdalin and its ability to treat cancer.


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