Attention: If You Are Blood Type O, You Must Be Careful Because of This: It’ll Save Your Life!

Type blood 0 is unique blood type as it can be given to people with different blood types without causing any damage. This can happen thanks to the contained erythrocytes in blood type 0 which do not contain harmful sustentions and hence not harming other blood types.

Persons who are having that blood type are unique because they have certain attributes that other people do not possess like having the ability of leadership, being focused on things, pro-active and very energetic. However, they are also prone to certain diseases like iodine deficiency, ulcers, thyroid dysfunction and low levels of thyroid hormones. These health conditions can be very dangerous since they can trigger overweight and water retention.

On the other hand, the Japanese link person’s blood type with their personality. Therefore, it is quite common in Japanese interviews to be asked of which blood type you belong to. In fact, they believe that people with blood type 0 are focused, organized, practical, detailed, dedicated and reliable. Moreover, they are considered to be better logicians than other people.

However, people with this blood type have also negative characteristics.

Hyperactive and spontaneous

People with blood type 0 have difficulty in coping stressful situations as when they are under stress they become very impulsive, upset and hyperactive. Furthermore, most of them lead unhealthy life without exercising, unhealthy diet which leads to a damaged metabolic process thereby causing insulin resistance or slowing the thyroid gland and density.

They have as well as a higher level of stomach acid than people with other blood types. Therefore, they need to avoid alcohol and caffeine intake as the caffeine boosts the adrenaline which is already high enough among the people with this blood type. For that reason, they should work out 3 to 4 times a week.