Attention Smokers: These Foods Will Flush Out Nicotine From Your Body

Every 6th second one person dies in the world as a result of nicotine. This is about 6 million people per year that die as a result of it. These figures should really frighten everyone, but in fact more and more people are getting addicted to cigarettes. This article will answer the crucial questions such as what is the effect of nicotine on smokers, why they are dependent, what diseases it causes, and how to clean your body of nicotine traces after you have decided to quit smoking.

Nicotine is found in certain plants that contain alkaloid which protects it from insects that have properties of insecticidal and acaricidal. When you consume it by inhalation it gets into your lungs and from there it is entering your bloodstream. This is causing you to have increased blood pressure and heart rate. Also nicotine is reducing your appetite for eating, and increases adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. This is the reason why you want to smoke.

This is how you become addicted to nicotine:

When you intake nicotine it immediately goes to your blood and then it is transferred to the brain where it releases a dose of adrenaline and dopamine which are hormones that gives your pleasure and euphoria. That is the main reason why smokers want to light another cigarette. It takes only few weeks for a smoker to become addicted to cigarettes. Those people that decide to quit smoking feel headaches, irritation and even depression.

These are the diseases that smoking cigarettes might cause:

It is found that nicotine causes many diseases such as ling cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Simply, nicotine is not meant for absorption of the human body and it is extremely harmful for your health due to the toxins it contains.

Here is how to clean your body from nicotine once you made a decision to quit smoking:

You should know that once you stop smoking nicotine is still present in your body. That is the reason why it is really important to clean your body from these toxins in order to ensure you remain your health. This is a list of foods that will help you quickly eliminate toxins that have accumulated over the years of smoking.

Water – it is known that this is the source of life and it helps you release toxins through your urine and sweat. Also it hydrates your body which is opposite of what nicotine is doing to your body, dehydration. You need to consume enough water and it is preferred to consume spring water in order to supply your organism with minerals.

Spinach – not many people want to consume this vegetable but it is great benefit for your body due to the high fiber properties. It also contains folic acids and vitamins that help you purify your blood.

Broccoli – even the shape of this vegetable has the shape of lungs. This vegetable will help you revive your damaged lungs because it contains high amount of vitamin c and vitamin B5.

Dried herbs – many people use it simply for decoration of their dishes, but in fact their properties are extremely beneficial for your health. They are rich with vitamin A and vitamin B which help you reduce the level of nicotine in your body.

Oranges – smoking has caused lots of stress for you due to the dependence you feel for nicotine. This fruit is rich with vitamin C that helps you reduce the stress and it boosts your metabolism.

Carrot juice – this vegetable is rich with carotene, minerals, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K. Also it contains potassium and iron which will help you feel fresh and in the same time will supply your body with enough nutrients for regeneration.

Goji berries – this ingredient contains amazing 21 elements such as zinc, copper, selenium, iron and many more additional amino acids. These properties will help you boost your immune system and will help you clean your liver that has suffered from years of smoking.

Kiwi – they are rich with vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B. It acts as strong antioxidant that helps clean your body from all toxins that have been accumulated over the years.

Pomegranate – this is also strong antioxidant that helps you improve the blood circulation and production of blood cells. It also prevents development of cancer.

It is highly recommended that you use these foods in order to easily overcome the urge for cigarette once you have decided to quit smoking, but also to prevent any development of diseases caused by smoking. These ingredients will help you eliminate all the toxins in your blood and body that have been accumulated over the years.


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