Your Body is Sending You Signs of Possible Stroke! Do NOT Ignore Them!

The processes that our body is undergoing are very complex, and if something is wrong with any of these processes the body sends us signals in order to make us aware of it. In fact, people tend to ignore this signals and tend to ignore it. Due to these reasons we are going to let you know how to recognize these signs and prevent further health damage.

Here is the list of signals that the body is sending in case something is wrong:

  1. Poor sleep, leg cramps, irritation

These signs are actually caused by deficiency of potassium and magnesium. In order to increase the amount in the body you should consume more nuts, and increase the consumption of green leafy veggies

  1. Cravings for salted food

This is a sign that your body is fighting infection, most probably in the urogenital area

  1. Dry skin

If you experience dry skin it is due to lack of vitamin E, and you should definitely consume more nuts, veggies, oils, and oily fish

  1. Cravings for sweet food

People that have cravings for sweet food it shows that they are experiencing nervous exhaustion, and they should consume more glucose in order to produce more energy

  1. Blending gums

This is a sign of lack of vitamin C, and you should increase the consumption of fruits and veggies

  1. Cravings for raw foods

This is a sing for problem with liver or gastritis

  1. Dry skin on the elbows

This is a sing of deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin C. Eat more veggies, and fruits such as oranges, carrots, apricots, and pumpkin.

  1. Cravings for seafood

This is usually caused due to deficiency of iodine in the body

  1. Cravings for sour food

This shows that the gallbladder and liver needs to be stimulated, and in order to do so you will need to consume more cranberries and lemons

  1. Breakable hair and nails

This is caused by lack of vitamin B, so make sure that you consume whole grain, milk, wheat germ, and potatoes.