Here is How You Can Eliminate Foot Pain! 6 Very Effective Stretches!

Bones in the human body are connected with each other, meaning that if you feel pain in one area, very soon you will feel it in another area too. For example, if you feel pain in the foot, you may as well feel it in the entire leg.

Many health conditions can trigger a pain in the feet like athlete’s foot, arthritis, bunions, corns, spurs, and ingrown toenails. They can be very painful, specifically due to the fact that our feet are related to other body organs, which means that the pain is not felt only in the feet, but also in some other related body part.

According to Chinese reflexology, our feet are connected to a large number of things in our bodies, which suggest that they are the source of our general health. As a result of that it is recommended to perform body cleanse through your feet, and in that way remove all the toxic substances in your body. Many Chinese baths are specialized for that purpose.

Nevertheless, if you want to efficiently and quickly relieve the pains from your feet, then you need to stretch them. It is a simple procedure for which you will need only 5 minutes of your time. These stretching can be performed even while you are eating or watching TV.

  1. Rock Out
    For this exercise you need to stand up and then transfer your weight onto the outer parts of your feet. After that, transfer it onto the inner parts of the feet. This exercise needs to be done 10 times on both sides.
  2. Toes and Fingers
    This stretch is done in a sitting position, so sit down and start stretching your legs and toes up like you are pointing towards the ceiling. Continue the exercise by bending towards them and try to touch them and after that gently pull them back.
  3. 3. Toe Raise
    For this stretch you need to lift every toe of your feet up. However, make sure that your pinky toe is at the same height with your biggest toe. Do this procedure 5 times with both of your feet.
  4. Toe Lifts
    Start by raising all of your toes up, just like the previous exercise, but in this exercise you need to lower your big toe down, meanwhile keeping the other ones up. It is not a simple stretch, but if you cannot do it with the big toe, you should try to do it with the pinky toe. Repeat this exercise 5 times with both feet.
  5. Ankle Stretch
    For this one you will need a stretchy ball. Tie your stretchy ball around a table’s leg or a chair and then place your leg through it so that the ball of the foot is supported on the band. Then, continue the stretch by pressing your toes towards the ground. Repeat it 15 times and in that way you will stretch your legs.
  6. Tennis Ball Rub
    Use a tennis ball and put it on the ground. Begin rolling it with your one foot and after that continue with the other. After you have done this, start leaning your foot upwards and extending your toes downwards.

Additional Foot Tips

  • If possible walk barefoot, or try to wear shoes that have separate toes since they are very good for your feet.
  • Learn how to control your feet by practicing yoga and in that way restore your life’s balance, physical, and also mental.
  • Prepare an Epsom salt feet bath.
  • Make sure to wear proper shoes as this is the most important thing. Many people, especially women wear very uncomfortable shoes just because they look good, but this can cause great harm to your feet. Try to avoid wearing flip-flops and high heels and pay extra attention to the width of your shoes. Plus, the material of your footwear needs to be breathable.

If the pain still remains after you have tried all these methods, then you need to seek an advice from your doctor and seek for medical assistance. You can also use custom-made orthotics, which can help you to relieve the pain while walking.

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