CAREFUL! Taking These Pills Can Cause Thrombosis, Heart Attacks and Brittle Bones

Self-medication is a common thing especially when we are dealing with milder ailments like flu, colds, migraine or muscle pain. However, this type of healing may bring certain negative effects of which many people are not even aware of it. Taking a pill is not that simple as it may seem, it can bring many other health issues. Usually omeprazole is the pill that everyone takes. It acts as a gastric protector, but the consumption of this pill without proper consulting of a medical expert can bring sizeable consequences for your overall health and well-being. Follow reading and find out what omeprazole can do to your body.


First of all you need to realize that the use of omeprazole impedes the production of stomach acid in the body highly necessary for the adequate food digestion. Then there are so many dangerous consequences of taking on your hand pills like omeprazole; for instance its use for an extended period of time can conceal the symptoms of cancer, then it can trigger psychological issues, shortage of vitamin B12 in the body hence leading to memory problems, anemia, fatigue, and depression.

Furthermore, omeprazole can cause breathing problems and decrease the production of acids in the body thereby making your body more susceptible to lung infections and damage to the respiratory system. Thanks to the long use of omeprazole your bones will become more fragile and brittle because this drug lowers the absorption of calcium.

We have shown you all of the negative effects of omeprazole on your body, but we cannot suggest completely avoiding its use, just ensure prior use to consult your doctor first.

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