Clean Your Blood Vessels and Arteries With This Drink That Works Miracles!! It’s life changing …

Today we devote an article to cholesterol. We propose you learn more about this disorder and at the end of the article we offer you a drink prepared with natural ingredients that will clean your blood vessels as well as unclog the arteries.

But what exactly is cholesterol?

We all know that cholesterol is bad for the health however we do not actually know what it is. In reality cholesterol is formed by the food we consume. Cholesterol can be very beneficial for the body because it helps protect the walls of the cells and make them more resistant so that our nervous system, the heart, the muscles and the liver can function optimally.

Cholesterol starts to be dangerous when it accumulates and is present in large quantities. An excess of cholesterol can cause plaque formation that blocks the arteries as well as blood vessels which can lead to the onset of cardiovascular disease.

What are the factors that cause bad cholesterol?

High cholesterol can be caused by many things however diet stays as the main cause. Care should be taken not to consume foods rich in saturated fat. However, the onset of cholesterol may be due to lack of physical activity, weight gain, age, stress, smoking or a family history.

Is hypercholesterolemia dangerous?

Hypercholesterolemia is indeed very dangerous since it causes about 720,000 heart attacks per year in the States and about 25.000 deaths. This could also lead to the emergence of very serious illness such as strokes, arthritis, heart attacks and infarctions.

How to avoid being a victim of hypercholesterolemia?

It is essential to take care of your diet. It is necessary to favor the good fats like for example the olive oil or even the sesame oil. Alcohol consumption should be restricted.

Tobacco is also a cause of cholesterol occurrence since it tends to reduce the level of good cholesterol and thus increases the risk of accidents.

Do not forget to practice daily physical activity that will help protect you from high cholesterol.

We suggest you discover a recipe that will allow you to re-balance the bad cholesterol level in your body.

Here are the ingredients for a drink to help you fight bad cholesterol:

  • Onion juice
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Ginger juice

Preparation and Consumption

Take one dose of each ingredient and mix in a saucepan. The mixture should be heated for 30 minutes. Afterwards pour the liquid into a glass bottle and let it macerate overnight in the fridge. Take one tablespoon every morning before breakfast to enjoy all the benefits of this fabulous drink.