The DEA Just Labeled Yet Another Powerful Healing Plant as a Schedule 1 Narcotic

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has filed a notice intending to put the Kratom as controlled substance. They go even further with their plan trying to classify it as RC (restrictive classification).

The Mitragynaspeciousa known as Kratom along with mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine might be placed on a temporarily schedule 1 by the DEA. So far there is no official timeline which will give more details when it will be put on the restrictive list.

Kratom has similar effect like some opiate, but does not fall into the same category. It works by attaching to opioid receptors which are also important for alleviating chronic pain and anxiety. Also it is great for overcoming addiction.

There are many different studies that have been done on mice which show great results in overcoming addiction to cocaine. Kratomalso helps with heroin addictions and other users claim it is great substitute for pain medications prescribed by specialist.

DEA is planning on taking steps and trying to restrict this plant because few states have already planned to put it on the list of controlled substances across their state. These states have failed to do so because the public reacted and officials decided to withdraw. Due to this withdrawal of the states in their idea to put kratom on the list of controlled substances, the DEA steps in because they can do it on national level.

The DEA is actually listing the kratom in the group of heroin, which is complete nonsense. Officials argue that there is no known medical use of kratom, thus providing high abuse potential. As a result of that kratom is due to be schedule 1 classification.

We believe that due to this plan of the DEA they might lose their credibility in regards to classifying substances. Also this decision can leave many Americans live in pain and anxiety forcing them to use drugs produced by Big Pharma.