The Diseases Connected to Mercury Fillings

Dr. David Kenned is a highly intelligent critic of conventional dentistry and offers scientific evidence about the use of mercury fillings and their effect on our overall health.

Watch the video below, and see what Dr. Kennend states about the “silver” fillings and the effects they have, particularly mercury with all the risks it imposes.

Facts about Mercury Amalgam Fillings

  1. The release of the highly toxic mercury

Mercury is extremely toxic substance which amalgam fillings have in their content. The fillings release it, which is primarily absorbed, as highly toxic elemental mercury vapor.

  1. The biggest mercury source so far

The World Health Organization in 1991 has released a report about inorganic mercury based on many Swedish studies, and came to the conclusion that mercury absorption was four times higher from amalgam fillings than from consuming fish. The absorbed amount of mercury varies from one person to another.

  1. Brain Damage in Children

In 1998, a team of the world’s top mercury researchers released the findings that mercury from amalgam fillings can negatively impact the immune system thus weakening it, and cause permanent damage to the brain, and kidneys in the younger population, children.

  1. Trigger Neurological and Gastrointestinal Issues

According to an epidemiological study of mercury and its negative effects showed that it is related to mouth disorders and bleeding gums, gastrointestinal issues, memory disturbances, lack of initiative, sleep disturbances, restlessness and concentration issues.

  1. Mercury leads to Alzheimer’s Disease

A group of researchers, led by Dr. Boyd Haley, discovered a connection between mercury and Alzheimer’s. In their researching they used rats as subjects which experienced levels of mercury vapor appropriate for their size.

As a result of this exposure rats developed tissue damage “indistinguishable” from that of Alzheimer’s. For more secure data, researchers have repeated the experiment and came to the same conclusion. Regarding these results Dr. Haley said, “I’m getting the rest of my fillings taken out right now, and I’ve asked my wife to have hers replaced too.”

  1. The modern Amalgam Fillings are Unstable

Unfortunately, the type of mercury fillings, non-gamma-2 (high copper), which have been utilized in the last 3 to 4 decades release more mercury than the older ones.