Don’t Let Them Fool You: A Beekeeper Explains the Difference Between Fake and Real Honey!

Every market in the world is flooded with fake products make of corn syrup, additives, and sugar. Commercial brands of honey actually are made industrially. In fact people tend to think that more expensive honey products have better quality than others, which is not true. Due to these reasons it is important that you learn about the difference between fake and real organic honey. We are going to present to you few tips in regards to this.

Beekeepers suggest: “The first thing you can do is rub some of the honey between your fingers– if it’s sticky, it is full of sugar and other additives. Real honey isn’t sticky when rubbed between the fingers”.

Another trick is to put few tips of honey on a napkin and see if it goes through easily. In case you notice that it doesn’t go easily it will show there is no water in it. Real honey doesn’t contain water. On the other hand you can also put one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and see if it goes down to the bottom. Real honey will fall easily like a blob, where fake honey will melt immediately.

Also you can add some honey on a piece of bread and see if it stiffens. Fake honey that contain water will make the bread wet. Consuming real organic honey will provide a feeling of minor pricking in your mouth, which also will not happen if it is fake. On the other hand real honey will result with crystals if you leave it in cold.

Read more about the different types of real honey:

Single flower honey

You should know that this type of honey is made of different flowers such as sweet and fragrant taste. Flower honeys are also great for improvement of the immune system.

Linden honey

This type of honey is sweet and clear. It could help you alleviate respiratory problems, and can help you treat colds and flu. It is also great for the digestive system, and soothes pain caused by cramps. You may also use it for overcoming problems with the kidneys.

Forest honey

Forest honey is one of the best kinds of honey because it contains very effective anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Also it contains iron which is great for anemic people, and can help you recover faster after surgery. This type of honey is also packed with nutrients and minerals.

Acacia honey

This type of honey is bright yellow and has sweet taste. It is great for improvement of the cardiovascular system and treats constipation. Also it has sedative effect that could help you overcome insomnia and ease anxiety and stress.


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