Double Fat Loss with One Teaspoon of This Miracle Spice Daily

One of the best ingredient that can help you burn fat fast is cumin. This spice originally comes from Egypt, but also it is widely used across the Middle East, China, India and Mediterranean. These cultures use cumin as spice for their food, but most importantly they use it as medication. If you are not using cumin frequently, after reading this article definitely you will change your mind.

Cumin contains great medicinal properties which can help you overcome problems with digestion, diabetes, anemia, acid reflux etc. More importantly cumin can help you lose weight fast. Here are some of the benefits of this ingredient:

Lose weight

According to the study conducted by ShahidSadoughi University of Medical Science found that cumin contains great properties which support the process of weight loss. The study included 88 obese women that were divided in two groups. Each group needed to consume decreased calorie diet prepared by nutritional expert. Participants needed to consume yogurt as addition to their diet plan. The difference was that one group needed to consume yogurt with 3 grams of cumin, whereas the other group consumed plain yogurt.

The results were extremely surprising for the scientists and professors. They found that the group which consumes cumin as addition to the yogurt managed to lose 50% more weight than the other group. Also this group managed to lose 14.64% more fat compared to the other group. Besides these results, the group also managed to decrease the waist size as well as lower the body mass index.

These results are due to the great properties of cumin which also speed up your metabolism and improves your digestion system.

Reduces fats in the blood

Cumin contains properties which can help you lower the blood lipid levels, according to the study mentioned above. Also they found that cumin can decrease 23% of the triglycerides and 5% in the group that didn’t consume cumin. On the other hand the cholesterol levels were decreased by 10% in the group which consumed cumin, whereas the other group had only 1%.

According to this study cumin is great for treating atherosclerosis, heart diseases, diabetes, and diseases related to high triglycerides levels. The main property of cumin which is responsible for all these health benefits is saponins. This property manages to prevent cholesterol absorption in the blood. Cumin can be also used as treatment against hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, neuroprotective, inflammatory, as well as it acts as anti-coagulant, immunomodulatory, antioxidant and anti-cancerous.

Reduces cholesterol absorption

Cumin contains high levels of phytosterols which helps your body reduce the cholesterol absorption, and also it acts positively on the lipid levels. Different research studies tested the cumin cyminum L capsule on obese people, and the results were the same as those who took oristat 120 which is inhibitor of the gastrointestinal lipase. They found that cumin actually prevents absorption of dietary fats.

The supplement of cumin has the same results as other drugs which are prescribed for the same purpose. All studies suggest that the cumin supplement managed to have better results without causing any side effects.

You don’t have to consume cumin only in addition to the yogurt. You can use it as addition to your meal, salads, soups etc. The results and the effect will remain the same regardless of the way you consume it.

Cumin Tea

One of the easiest method is to prepare cumin tea. You will need to boil water with cumin for 10 minutes. Once it cools off you can consume it.

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