She Drank Honey-Lemon Water Every Morning For a Year. Here’s What Happened After That

You must have already heard about the benefits of honey and lemon! Indeed, we usually find these two ingredients in almost every recipe for natural remedies. When these two elements are combined, they bring great benefits to our body and not only just to relieve a sore throat or a persistent cold, but have many other befits for the body.

In this article you will find out what a combination of lemon, water and honey could bring to your body if you consumed this drink on a daily basis.

The benefits of lemon water with honey

Honey is an indispensable element when you want to strengthen your immune system, it helps fight bacteria, infections while speeding up the healing process. Lemon juice has almost the same action, its richness in vitamin C is excellent for strengthening the immune system, but also for curing all kinds of diseases much faster.

This drink supplies your body with micronutrients and also vitamins, substances necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Drinking this beverage in the morning will not only energize you but also eliminate the toxins that clutter your body, allowing your kidney and digestive system to function in the best possible way.

The experience of Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis is an Australian who tried the experiment. She was drinking a glass of lemon water with honey every day! It was during a year that she was able to see the effects of this natural drink on her body. She has seen an improvement in her health almost at all levels.

Here are all the positive changes noticed on the young Australian:

She started to lose weight!

Lemon has a positive effect on weight; it allows the food to decompose more optimally. Honey, promotes the elimination of toxins, therefore the combination of these two elements allows weight loss and stabilization.

A renewed energy!

The glass of lemon water with honey completely changed the life of the young woman since she stopped drinking coffee. She felt much more energetic.

She found a better oral health!

Lemon and honey combine to eliminate the bacteria in the mouth, as well as the teeth.
Her organs became much more alkaline!

Lemon makes it possible to neutralize any acidity found in the body consequently she no longer had acid reflux, stomach burn and pain.

A stronger immune system!

She has not fallen ill at all during this long period. No more flu and colds, her immune system was strong.

She found that her skin was more radiant!

Lemon makes it possible to cleanse the blood by ridding it of the waste which is found on the skin giving it much more radiant health to it. The honey is also excellent because it allows the body to produce more collagen.