Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning to Boost Your Metabolism And JUMPSTART Weight Loss!

Drinking water is extremely beneficial for your health; it is recommended 8 cups of water to be drunk per day. However, it is rarely specified whether it should be cold or warm. Believe or not but this is very important. The water temperature is what really matters. There is a vigorous debate regarding this issue especially among medical and health professionals.

So, what is the right temperature of the water?

For keeping good health you should drink warm water in the morning prior your meal or drink.

Cold water is commonly consumed by most of the people as it is more appealing, but it is wrong because the human body spends an additional energy to adjust the cold temperature of the water to its inner temperature.

A glass of warm water in the morning is a great substitute for any cool beverages as it will keep your body hydrated, it will boost you with energy highly needed for the upcoming working day.

Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water in the Morning

1. Improves circulation

The body is sore and rigid because of the poor circulation and the heart rate is being lowered. By drinking warm water your blood circulation will be improved immediately.

2. Relieves pain

A glass of warm water has an incredible effect on body aches, for instance it successfully alleviates headache. The heat or the warmth has the capability to improve circulation, relax the nerves and muscles thereby relieving stress and tension.

3. Regulates weight

Cold water decreases heart rate and body temperature contrary to warm water which speeds up metabolism and incites weight loss almost immediately.

Furthermore, kidneys likewise benefit from warm water because they aid in regulating blood sugar levels, which on the other hand prevent junk food and sweet cravings proven to be the worst enemy for weight loss.

4. Slows down aging

Toxins which enter the body through air, foods, clothes, and other environmental factors makes your body age faster. Warm water effectively disposes body toxins and relaxes tight internal pores that usually remain trapped. Warm water supplies the body with extra hydration thusly rejuvenating skin and enhancing its elasticity.