Drink Honey and Lemon for One Year and This Will Happen to Your Body…

Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that pharmaceutical medicines are causing serious side effects. One women named Crystal Davis, from Australia found that the health benefits of warm lemon water mixed with honey contains numerous health benefits.

After she found about the benefits of this remedy she decided to try it. She’s been consuming this remedy for one year and the results amazed her.

This amazing remedy is great for treatment of cold and flu. The ingredients it contains have very powerful medicinal properties that are great for the overall health. Honey is great remedy that will help you boost your immune system and speed up the healing process. On the other hand, lemon juice is packed with vitamin C which is crucial for the immune system as well. Besides the fact that this remedy could help you treat flu and cold, it also has numerous other positive sides.

Crystal Davis actually was suffering from cold and flu on regular basis, but she decided not to use medicaments because they only helped her on short-term. Instead she decided to try something else, and started drinking lemon juice and honey. The results of one year consumption are the following:

  1. Increased level of energy
  2. Eliminated urinary tract infection
  3. Improved health of the skin and stimulated collagen production
  4. Loss of weight

Here is how to prepare this remedy:

You will need to cut the lemon in half and squeeze it in a glass. Add warm water and the honey and mix it well. Consume this remedy, but make sure that you do so on empty stomach right after you wake up. In three weeks’ time you will notice the amazing results.