Drinking Magnesium Every Day for a Week Might Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

You have done everything right in your diet like eating whole organic foods, cutting off gluten, and you are still suffering from insomnia and anxiety, then you should introduce magnesium into your diet.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that the body needs as if it is deficient with this mineral it can lead to serious health conditions. Unfortunately, recent statistics state that about 80% of all Americans do not take sufficient amounts of magnesium; in fact only 25% of all adult Americans take the recommended daily quantity of magnesium, which is 400-420mg for men and 310-320mg for women. But, every cell within the body has a need of magnesium and its shortage can cause the occurrence of certain health issue.

The most common signs of magnesium shortage are anxiety and insomnia. So, if you have properly balanced diet and you are still experiencing these signs then you are most likely to have magnesium deficiency. You may wonder how this is possible since you have done everything right in your eating habits. The reason underlines in the current farming practices, meaning the food we take in is already deficient of magnesium, and to this significantly attribute the amount of stress we experience every day and the excessive consumption of caffeine.

This mineral has the ability to soothe your brain thereby helping you to easily fall asleep, so it is highly needed for the nervous system because if the body is short of it then it will lead to nerve-related issues. Choose a product which is suitable for your needs because if you take too much of it there will be change in your stool making it too loose. Yet, this is one of the reasons people take magnesium and that is to relieve constipation.

Try to use it in a powder form dissolved in water as the body is build to absorb better liquids, not tablets or pills. Further on, use products that can enhance the bioavailability of magnesium particularly the ones dissolved in hot water. These products create unsteady ionic state which will allow the ingredient to bond easily with water, thereby making it possible for the body to absorb it.

When you start using magnesium you cannot expect overnight results because the body firstly needs to rebuild its magnesium, and it will need time to build up its magnesium levels. Make sure to use high-quality supplements.

Results day by day

1st Day
In your first day of magnesium intake you will notice that your sleep improves a little bit.

2nd Day
You will be calmer than normal not as stressful as before. Your sleeping will improve without any side effects.

3rd Day
You will manage to control your feelings thus significantly improving your attitude.

4th Day
You will get all the benefits of good night sleep thereby feeling more relaxed than ever without any anxiety or stress.

5th Day
Now you will feel fully energized and things that troubled you in the past will not stress you.

6th Day
Plenty of sleeping hours without the presence of anxiety and stress.

7th Day
You are free of the insomnia, now you are experiencing good night’s sleep.

As mentioned before, we recommend you the use of powder products which some of them are flavored. However, in the beginning take a small dose, and if you opt for the unflavored products squeeze lemon in it so that you improve its taste.