If You Eat 2 Bananas per Day for a Month, This is What Happens to Your Body

The source of almost all our troubles today is our unhealthy diet low in nutrients and high in fat and salt. With lack of time or too strong temptation, we allowed the fast-food restaurants to take over our natural and homemade foods. To remedy this scourge to a minimum and preserve your health, consider incorporating 2 bananas in your daily diet.

Do you know the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well this also applies to bananas. Indeed, this fruit is full of nutrients, antioxidants and virtues that strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion and treat and prevent many diseases and health disorders.

Moreover, choosing quite ripe bananas, whose skin is stained with black dots, you increase your intake of tumor necrosis factor (TNF), known for its ability to fight against the uncontrolled proliferation of cells that the body later develops into cancer cells. In addition, TNF is also beneficial for improving the communication between the different cells of the immune system, and to better guide the parts of the body which suffer from infection or inflammation.

According to a study conducted at the University of Tokyo, bananas that have a lot of black spots contain more TNF-alpha, and are 8 times more healthy and effective to boost the immune system than the green bananas.

To help you know better the benefits of eating bananas, here are some health problems that they can treat.

Eating 2 bananas a day is beneficial for:


Very annoying and sometimes painful heartburn is usually due to an increase in the acidity in the stomach. By eating bananas, they act as a natural antacid and help soothe your stomach, relieve pain and prevent gastric reflux.

High blood pressure

A study conducted by the Kasturba Medical College, eating two bananas a day for a week helps reduce the level of blood pressure by 10%. Its efficiency comes from its richness in potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and boost heart function.

Lack of energy

Thanks to its high content of vitamins (C, B6 and B9), minerals (potassium, magnesium, copper and iron) and carbohydrates, bananas provide the body with a large amount of nutrients it needs to function well. Consumed regularly, it helps to fight against fatigue and enhance physical and cognitive performance.


Banana is one of the most effective foods to combat anemia. Rich in iron (100 g contain 0.3 mg of iron), it increases the production of hemoglobin and enhances the blood supply.


To treat your ulcer and avoid the risk of recurrence and the development of other digestive problems go for bananas. With its antibacterial effect and its ability to reduce stomach acid, it strengthens the stomach wall and significantly reduces inflammation.


Thanks to its high content in tryptophan, a protein that is converted by the body into serotonin (hormone of pleasure and sleep), banana helps fight against depression and mood swings. Consumed regularly, it will help you relax and have a better emotional state.


Mood swings and sudden cravings for sweet are two very common symptoms before or during period. To help you improve and stabilize your mood and regulate your blood sugar, choose a ripe banana. Its richness in vitamin B6 will help you get through more calmly this time of the month.

Body temperature

Banana is a refreshing fruit that will help you reduce your body temperature if you have a fever or when you are very hot. It is also recommended for women during pregnancy and menopause, to regulate their temperature and reduce hot flashes.

Caution: When a banana is ripe, it contains more starch that turns into sugar. It is therefore to be consumed with great moderation by people with diabetes.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com