Do You Eat Plastic-Based Rice? Here are 4 Simple Ways to Find Out if the Rice is Natural (1 Minute VIDEO)

For some years some Chinese companies have adopted the unhealthy habit of producing rice made from… plastic. As you read, companies located in the north-east of the country producing high quality rice, (Wuchang) began to create rice grains identical to those of natural origin using potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic.

It has unfortunately been verified that this product has also been sold outside China, in the Southeast Asian zone but also in Europe.

In this video, we’ll show you how to know if the rice you are consuming contains plastic:

  • test the grains of rice by putting them in a glass of water: the plastic ones will float
  • try to burn a teaspoon of rice: the smell will show the presence of plastic, and the rice will turn black
  • crush the grains of rice: if you get small pieces you should be concerned
  • boil a little rice and leave it in a pot for 3-4 days: the authentic rice will develop fungi