Ever Wondered What the Half Moon Shape on Your Nails Means? The Answer is More Important Than You Think

Did you know that the nails can reveal many symptoms of different diseases and conditions, including cancer? You should be aware of the Lunula indicators that will reveal any problems with your health that you might be having. The shape of crescent with white area at the fingernails is very important and specific area which you need to protect.

Here is what you need to be aware in regards to Lunula:

  1. The name Lunula comes from Latin which means small moon
  2. You should always try and protect this area from any harm
  3. The Lunula isn’t always visible
  4. It is always white in color because it is fifth skin layer which has blood vessels under it
  5. In case you damage the Lunula, your nail might be permanently harmed
  6. In Chinese traditional medicine, if the Lunula isn’t present it might mean that you have anemia or deficiency of nutrients. In case of blue color it could be a sign of diabetes, and if it is red it could be a sign of heart problems.
  7. If you have small Lunula it could be a sign of problems with digestion, and slow metabolism
  8. In case of ivory Lunula on both hands it could be a sign that your health is in perfect condition.
  9. Healthy fingernails often are ruddy, smooth, restrained, and strong, but also they have Lunula that is visible.
  10. In case Lunula isn’t visible it is a sign that your body lacks energy and the state of the health is not as good. If you have them only on the thumbs it is a sign that you are lacking energy.