Every Finger is Connected with 2 Organs: Japanese Methods for Curing About a 5 Minutes

In traditional Japanese medicine there is curing treatment that requires only 5 minutes and it is based on the fingers. This treatment that involves the fingers is very effective because each finger actually is connected with two organs.

According to Jin Shin Jitsu, the Japanese art for healing which is ancient method helps you balance the emotions through stimulating certain points of the hands.

The treatment actually is considered as alternative medicine and it uses the hand’s fingers, more specifically it uses the points of the fingers that will help you balance the energy of the body. This balance of energy is extremely important for the physical and emotional health of the body.

Here are some more details on how it works:

In order to be able to act directly on certain organ you will need to hold the finger with the other hand, but make sure that you hold it tight for three minutes and breathe deeply. Make sure that you are actually massaging all fingers on both hands.

Here are more details in regards to the organs that are connected with each finger:

  1. Thumb

It is connected to the stomach and spleenwort and helps in treatment of depression and worries. Also it helps for treatment of physical symptoms such as skin problems, headache, nervous system, and stomach pain.

  1. Trigger finger

This finger is connected to the kidney and the urinary bladder. It also treats emotions such as fear, confusion, and disappointment. On the other hand it helps with treatment of physical symptoms such as back pain, tooth pain, digestion problem, and muscle pain.

  1. Middle finger

This finger is related to the liver and yolky bitter, and also helps with treatment of indetermination, irritability, and anger. On the other hand it treats circulation problems, migraine, headaches, tiredness, menstrual pain, and fatigue.

  1. Ring finger

This finger is related to the lungs and large intestine, and also it treats emotional issues such as sadness and fear. Also it helps with treatment of asthma, skin disease, digestion problems, and respiratory problems.

  1. Pinkie

This finger is related to the heart and small intestine. Also it treats emotional issues such as lack of self-confidence, nervousness, and worries. You could also use this finger to treat heart disease, bone problems, and throat pain.