The Experts Are Begging Parents To Be Careful As The Number Of Cases Of Hand, Foot, And Mouth Diseases Is Increasing!

Parents are definitely worrying about their children once the rime for starting into kindergarten has come, or school. Also they worry a lot especially if they need to visit an after school program. All of these worries are in regards to getting different infections that often are caught in school areas which might lead to serious illnesses.

In fact, most of the children are vaccinated as prevention against development of old-fashioned illnesses, such as rubella and mumps which cause swathes of children on yearly basis.

Today children are also getting flu shots on yearly basis in order to protect themselves from infectious illnesses during winter.

There are actually some illnesses that are hard to be prevented such as hand, foot, and mouth illnesses. In fact, more than 200.000 people in the USA are suffering from this type of illness on yearly basis. Specialists from the West Central Health District in Georgia have made a prediction that this year the number of people that have been ill has been record-breaking, and it has caused outbreaks in school and colleges.

HFMD is considered to be illness that often occurs in thousands of people on yearly basis. This is very contagious disease that spreads very rapidly. You could get this infection from handshake, a kiss, saliva, or mucus, or simply by sitting to infected person.

Due to this there are outbreaks in the pre-schools and kindergartens where children actually encounter with spit and snot. On the other hand students from colleges drink from same cups or eat from same plate and they also experience exhaustion because they don’t sleep well, and their immune system is weak.

People that have weak immune system are prone to this type of infections, especially if they are living in the same home as someone who is infected. Even people with imperfect health can’t be entirely certain that they are protected because it all depends on the type of the bacteria they are exposed to.

 The main symptoms of this disease are not too much threatening but they can make you feel uncomfortable. The symptoms are similar to the one of flu, or you might also experience aching throat and fever. You might also have red spots that can develop on the feet, mouth, and hands.

The red spots can be developed on the legs and genitals. This infection can clear up after one week, or sometimes it takes more period.

Also if there is a history of this type of illnesses in your family you should definitely consult with your doctor. This infection is very contagious and could spread very easily so if you get it make sure that you stay at home.

The main symptoms of this illness aren’t so extreme, but it could cause serious side-effects especially in older people. HFMD could also cause infection to the brain, like encephalitis and meningitis, so it is important that you treat the symptoms on time.

The CDC has stated that outbreaks of the HFMD don’t usually occur in the US, but lately this isn’t true anymore.

There have been serious outbreaks in Georgia and it could spread all across the US. In case you live in a region that already has this type of infection you need to be extremely careful in regards to your hygiene. Make sure that you always wash the hands before your meals, and after using the bathroom. You should keep the children at home if you suspect that they are infected with the HFMD. If you know that you have made a contact with anyone who might be infected you should drink lots of fluids.

Here is a video with more details in regards to this illness: