Farewell Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth in Just 9 Weeks

Dental implants are widely used because they are filling the gaps of missing teeth in your jaw. They are actually surgical components placed in the jaw to support a dental prosthesis like crown, bridge, denture, and also used for other dental means through a process known as osseointegration.

However, this will become an obsolete technique as scientists have made a new breakthrough in dental medicine which is completely non-invasive technique allowing you to regrow your own teeth in just about 9 weeks.

A group of scientists have managed to find a way how to help our body to regrow teeth in the mouth completely on its own. This revolutionary discovery may even replace crowns, bridges, and dentures in the near future.

The renowned Dr. Jeremy Mao and his team of scientists from the Columbia University built a scaffold for teeth made of stem cells and stimulated the growth of new teeth using DNA. This is great news for the people all around the world specifically to the ones who have sensitive teeth thus making it difficult to maintain their health. Thanks to this amazing discovery people can have the opportunity to grow their own teeth back in only 9 weeks.

This is what Dr. Mao says regarding this issue, quoting:

“The missing tooth is replaced with stem cells from your body, and the tooth starts merging to the surrounding tissue on its own. This boosts the regeneration process and results in regrowth of the tooth in a record time,”

Nevertheless, the procedure for this new treatment is still under research and not reachable for the public, however Dr. Mao states says that it will be soon available for the wider population.