Find Out What Blood Pressure Level is Normal for Your Age

The most common health problem that many people are facing is the high blood pressure. In medical terms it is called hypertension, and this condition could lead to serious health issues that sometimes might be life threatening. People that suffer from hypertension often experience blurry vision, vomiting, shortened breaths, nausea, and dizziness.

Hypertension also could lead to atherosclerosis, kidney problems, and loss of memory. The high blood pressure is caused by smoking, stress, genes, lack of physical activity, abuse of alcohol, age, and gender. Since age is also considered as major cause for high blood pressure you should be aware of the blood pressure parameters:

For men:

  • 123/76 for men under 20 years old
  • 126/79 for men 20-30 years old
  • 129/81 for men 30-40 years old
  • 135/83 for men 40-50 years old
  • 142/85 for men 50-60 years old
  • 142/80 for men over 70

For women

  • 116/72 for women under 20 years old
  • 120/75 for women 20-30 years old
  • 137/84 for women 30-50 years old
  • 144/85 for women 50-60 years old
  • 159/85 for women over 70 years old

Besides the fact that you could use medications for treatment of high blood pressure, you could also try and manage it without causing further complications. Some of the managements that you need to do are:

  1. Reduce the waist circumference and eliminate extra weight
  2. Do regular exercises on daily basis for 30 minutes
  3. Consume healthy food including whole grains, veggies, dairy products, and fruits
  4. Reduce the intake of sodium
  5. Avoid consuming processed foods
  6. Avoid consuming alcohol
  7. Stop smoking
  8. Reduce the consumption of caffeine
  9. Eliminate stress

If you are severely suffering from hypertension you should consider visiting your doctor.

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