Fitbit and Cancer: What This Tiny Device Does to Your Body

Every electrical device including the cell phones or other wireless devices radiate certain radio frequency or electromagnetic energy. Also fitness tracking devices that people wear on their wrist put you at risk on harmful radiation effects.

These are the health risks of electromagnetic radiation:

  1. Increased risk of developing cancer

Different studies suggest that non-ionized radiation that is released from wireless trackers lead to development of cancer. Also the International Agency for Research on Cancer have classified these devices as “possible carcinogenic to humans”. Scientists from the field of biological effects of wireless technologies and electromagnetic frequencies believe that cell phones and other devices increase the risk of cancer and other health issues.

  1. Elevates the exposure to heavy metals

Every human brain contains heavy metals that serve as micro-antennas which concentrate and elevate EMF radiation reception. Also the amalgam fillings of the tooth and metal implants can raise the microwave reception. Martin Blank, the former president of Bielectromagnetics Society and a professor at Columbia University in the department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, conducted a research that suggested that electromagnetic fields can damage the DNA and the cells of the body by simply stimulating the cellular stress response.

  1. Develops dementia

Different studies that have researched the effects on people that are exposed to radiation of cell phones suggest that electromagnetic radiation actually develops dementia symptoms. The subjects that have been exposed to the cell phone radiation experienced DNA damage that often leads to cancer. Also the neurons in the brain have experienced damage which resulted with memory loss and reduced capacities for learning.

  1. Causes different health problems

There are different health problems that could be caused by electromagnetic radiation. Some of the health problems are cancer, insomnia, depression, ADD, DNA damage, autism, cognitive problems, neurological conditions, and other issues. Also it could lead to stress, problems with the immune system, imbalance of hormones, fertility, cardiovascular problems, mineral disruption, and change of the metabolism.

Due to these reasons it is recommended that people should be less exposed to electromagnetic radiation in order to prevent developing health problems.

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