This Flower Can Save Your Life, Almost Nobody Knows It’s Benefits and Only Use It as Decoration

Nature has given us many plants and flowers which can offer plenty of beneficial properties in the treatment of many diseases. In this article we shall concentrate on the properties of bugambilia. Most of you are familiar with this flower as you use it to decorate your houses, but not many people know the wonders that this flower can offer to our health. In fact it provides myriads of benefits and as soon as you read this article you will value nature more as thanks to her we can use many plants that offer plenty of benefits.


  1. It has the ability to improve the respiratory system as it collaborates with the proper functioning of the lungs and their ability to oxygenate the body.
  2. Bougainvillea acts as an expectorant. It can remove the mucus from the upper respiratory tract (bronchi, larynx, and pharynx).
  3. Antipyretic effect is almost immediate, the fever decreases instantly.
  4. Anti-tussive effect such as reducing dry cough.
  5. Purgante effect can be received via the use of bugambilia. The body will be effectively detoxified as it can help cleanse the body organs inside and in that way substantially improve their function like in the case of the liver.
  6. Balances the digestive system, but for this purpose the roots and the leaves are used not the flowers. Roots have a laxative effect, and the leaves cause constipation. It very much depends in which condition we are so that we can choose one or the other option.
  7. Supports skin care, bugambilia contains antiseptic properties which are excellent for the skin, and because of that it has the ability to fight off infections, acne, and desquamation. So, if there is acne on your skin or you suffer from a peeling skin condition which is normally caused by bacteria, the antiseptic effect of the bougainvillea will keep it clean and safe from bacteria that cause those rashes. Plus, it will aid in the control of skin toxicity by cleansing it deeply and thoroughly.
  8. Speeds up healing, and for that purpose you need to soak the wound in a cold infusion of bougainvillea flowers.


How to prepare it?

The preparation is easy all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Begin with cutting the fresh flowers straight from the plant and then wash them with plenty of cold water to eliminate all the impurities.
  2. Next, take a saucepan and pour water in it and place it on heat. Once it starts boiling, put the flowers inside.
  3. Remove the saucepan from heat when the water changes its color to a hue that is similar to the hue of the bougainvillea flowers that are being used.
  4. Leave it to stay for a few minutes and after that strain the preparation.
  5. We recommend you to include a spoonful of honey to the infusion.
  6. Have in mind that the infusion is consumed very hot.

Introduce this recipe into your everyday life and enjoy the remarkable benefits of this plant which can save your life.