This Fruit Removes Body Odor Better Than Cancer Causing Deodorants!

Sweating is a natural body process which assists the body in regulating its temperature and as well as successfully battles off infections. It contains compound called dermcidin which prevents the bacteria entering into the body and triggering harmful infections.

Most of the people use antiperspirants and deodorants so that the sweating process is stopped; however, they do more damage to the body while impeding this body process. In their content they have toxins such as aluminum which blocks the sweat ducts, and at the same time supports the growth and development of bacteria which eventually will enter the bloodstream.

As a matter of fact, the manifested bad odor from sweating is not caused by the sweat itself, but by the bacteria which quickly grows and develops not being eliminated by dermcidin.

Deodorants and antiperspirants content are high in harmful chemicals and toxins causing many health conditions and harm the overall health. They can cause numerous health issues such as Alzheimer’s, reproductive damage, and many more.

The Use of Lime

Natural and safe substitute for all these artificial deodorants is lime. This fruit is very powerful in eliminating bad body odor.

What you need to do is to cut fresh lime in half, and use the lime pieces for rubbing your underarms. After that, let the armpits to dry out and then put on your T-shirt.

Fresh lime leaves its exquisite scent which will last for the whole day, moreover not leaving any unwanted stains. By using lime you will effectively eliminate bad smell and kill the harmful bacteria. In this way you will not only mask the bad odor, but completely eliminate it which is not the case with the deodorants.

You will only need a slice of lime which would be enough for a few days, therefore always have limes at your house.