How to Get Rid of an Ingrown Toenail in a Completely Natural Way!

Having an ingrown tail can cause great discomfort to most of the people as it is a really painful condition very difficult to solve which in worst cases requires a surgical intervention. In the case of an ingrown-toenail the nail grows on one side of the nail beneath the skin. There are many reasons for its occurrence but the good news is that it can be solved in the most natural way provided that it is in its early stage. Therefore, do not neglect this issue and start doing something the moment it occurs.

The surgical approach can help you in solving this problem but it is pricey and unpleasant experience. However, there are natural solutions to this problem which can be done at the comfort of your own home.

Eliminate an Ingrown Toenail in the most Natural Way!

Prior using this method, you need to prepare a hot bath so that the skin and your nails become softened. The water of this bath should not be over 37oC and in the 5 liters of water you need to put 3 tablespoons of baking soda and some salt. After you have finished with the bath, you should be able to pull out the ingrown toenail in the skin.

For easier procedure stick a band aid on the ingrown toenail area thus making the toenail more approachable.
By using tweezers, place a small amount of cotton between the nail and the skin so that you can raise the end of the nail. But prior putting the cotton on the problematic area you should use some antibacterial ointment like iodine. Every 24 hours replace the cotton and the wrapper. You need to repeat this method for 15 days and the nail will return to its normal shape.

For easier application of the cotton you can use a mixture consisted of 1 tablespoon of raw honey and 1 ground garlic clove or Aloe Vera. Apply this mixture on the affected area and there will be no difficulties in applying the cotton. Moreover, this concoction contains very effective antibacterial properties.

In order for this treatment to work, it is of vital importance to soften the skin and change the cotton daily. When you have finished the treatment, just scrape the outer part of the nail.
Make sure to do your pedicures on regular basis and if in the future you notice some infection on the pus and nail immediately consult your doctor.

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