These Habits Are the Main Cause of Bloating and Accumulating Belly Fat

The fat around the belly can really make life difficult and affect self-image and self-confidence.

Here’s what you have to stop doing if you want to regain your slim waist:

  • Insufficient sleep: too short night sleep and an insufficient sleep are responsible for a rise in cortisol: a stress hormone, which hinders weight loss and promotes weight gain.
  • Emotional food: reaching for chocolate when you feel bad and depressed will only aggravate the problem. If you feel depressed, call a friend or go out for a walk!
  • Dinner and late night snack: Dinner should be light and taken early in the evening so that digestion takes place in good conditions. Otherwise, you will sleep poorly, the food will be very poorly digested and that stimulates the fat to be stored!
  • Soft drinks and diet sodas: they are the number 1 enemy of the stomach, only one soda a day and the abdominal fat and bloated stomach is assured!