Here’s How to Clear Out the Sinuses Using Only Your Fingers!

It is very easy to learn the lymph drain massage. In this article you will find video that will explain in details the process step by step. This self-massage will take you only 15 minutes and it is very easy to perform.

This type of massage is often used for easing the blockage of the sinus and it helps your body fight off seasonal allergies or colds. In fact, regular performance of this massage could have much more health benefits.

This massage will definitely help you loosen up your lymph system and it will also stimulate the lymph flow through your body. This fluid is important for the overall health because it eliminates the toxins, waste products, and excessive proteins from the system. Also it could help you battle different infections and illnesses, and meanwhile it soothes the nerves and helps you relax.

Different experts strongly recommend this massage if you want to relieve cold or if you want to stimulate your body to fight different ailments. This technique is great to be exercised after long workday.

Also you don’t have to be sick in order to perform this massage. Different experts have been suggesting that you are performing this massage at least once per week. It is best if you perform this massage on daily basis several times during the day in order to boost your immune system.

Rubbing your lymph nodes will definitely help you eliminate toxins that are build up in your system. Regular performance of this drainage massage will help you treat lymphedema and help your lymphatic system function properly.

This massage is very light and gentle but also very effective. You will need to stretch the skin as it is shown in the video instructions, and loosening compacted areas where the lymph fluids are caught. Don’t use too much pressure when you perform it.

From The People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser

Most of the lymph nodes in the body are actually found on the surface and they are very easy to access. You will need no more than 15 minutes per day in order to perform this massage, and the results will amaze you. Regular use of this technique will help you regulate the fluids and toxins in the body. Here is the video with more details: