Here’s How Eating Coconut Oil Can Help Support Healthy Thyroid Function!

There are more than 20 million Americans that have been affected by thyroid disease. You should know that the thyroid function is essential to your health because it controls the body functions through the release of hormones into the blood stream.

Here are the main signs that your thyroid might be having trouble:

  1. Consistent tiredness

If you are sleeping between 8-10 hours per night and you still feel tired then you should know that this is a clear sign of problems with thyroid. Also if you feel constant fatigue it could be another sign of warning that the thyroid is not working properly.

  1. Brain fog

In case you have hard time to concentrate on tasks or if you forget things it is a clear sign of improper function of the thyroid. If you also have excess of thyroid hormones you might find it hard to concentrate properly.

  1. Digestive issues

In case you experience constipation it could be related to hypothyroidism. This means that your thyroid is overactive and could cause serious other health issues.

  1. Change of mood, anxiety, and depression

Hyperthyroidism often caused the body constantly to be flooded with hormones that lead to anxiety and nervousness. If you experience mood swings, irritability and depression you should know that it is probably due to improper function of the thyroid.

You could actually test the function of your thyroid by simply detecting imbalances. Be aware that minor imbalances couldn’t be easily detected.

You should definitely consider consuming healthy food in order to maintain the proper function of your thyroid. Also you should be aware that low-calories diets are can negative impact your thyroid function and mood. On the other hand, consuming diet that is deficient in selenium can also affect your thyroid function.

Coconut oil and thyroid

Different diets that derive from their calories and contain unhealthy fats could have serious negative effect over the function of the thyroid. Also it is essential to consume balanced diet that contains healthy fats.

Few years ago, coconut oil has been largely thought to be a bad form of fat to consume. In fact, different research studies have found that saturated fatty acids are extremely beneficial for your overall health and due to these reasons it has become more popular recently. On the other hand coconut oil also contains lauric acid which raises the good cholesterol levels and help you improve the health of the thyroid gland.

Coconut oil as part of your diet

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial and versatile when used in cooking. You could simply melt it and use it to stir fries or curries, or you could use it in your salads. It is great substitution for vegetable oil in baking.

You could also use this remedy for cosmetic properties as a moisturizer for the hair and skin. On the other hand you could use it for feeding the thyroid. This can be achieved through reduced gluten intake and consuming anti-inflammatory diet such as Mediterranean diet. Also you should definitely increase the intake of iron, iodine, B vitamins, selenium, and omega-3 fats. In order to maintain the health of your gland that you reduce the stress and anxiety levels.